To Sleep and to Awaken – A Chat.

Sleep and Awaken

Jonathan Varty: The sleeper is engaged in debate that makes no difference.
The sleeper is unable to control animal impulses.
The sleeper see’s only what is offered not what is potential.
The sleeper see’s competition when in truth all co-operate in a single song.

The sleeper must Awaken!

Vajra Krishna: What sense does it make that one sleeps ONLY in order to wake up. Then the sleeper need never have slept, if the dream is meaningless and makes no difference.

Jonathan Varty: A metaphor which I recently read described human life as like when you dip a finger into a cup of water to test the temperature; when you take it out the experience is retained by the whole. So to each lifetime is no more than the tip of a finger touching the water and then being removed.

Vajra Krishna: Yes, but what difference does it make testing the temperature of the water with the tip of the finger. Why does it matter.

Jonathan Varty: The sleeper is when we imagine that we are unconnected and act without true awareness hense we are referred to as dreamwalkers.

You are looking for meaning which is a mental construct that has little to do with reality.

Rumi said if you could talk to a baby in the womb and tell it about the outside world it would say you where mad and that the world was only what it knew.

Vajra Krishna: What I am asking is a very important question – a question that addresses the angst of the world, the angst of the sleeper wondering WHY HE NEED HAVE SLEPT IN THE FIRST PLACE, and it deserves a response that is ‘whole’, not one that belittles the sleep or make it seem like it makes no difference and is unnecessary.

Spirituality and religion is often used to denounce the meaning of all these types of existence, to talk about ‘awakened’ states as if by denying everything else some escape can be saught. From my experience, the sleep state must be ‘wholely’ addressed in order to even be in a position to DRINK IN the awakened state.

The spirit of man must be SATISFIED, SATIATED, not renounced.

To even begin by saying the dream state is meaningless and makes no difference is in itself a ‘mental construct’, and that kind of construct must also be dropped if one is to taste the awakened state.

This relates back to Jung’s ‘GOLD IN THE SHADOW’…

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable and therefore not popular.” – Jung, Carl. 1983.

The meaning of SLEEP is that only by sleeping does one truly traverse into the darkness to make it conscious.

Jonathan Varty: Meaning is what you give to an experience. But your meaning may be entirely different to anyone else is it right or wrong?

“Beyond ideas of right and wrong of yes and no, there is a feild I will meet you there.” – Rumi.

Vajra Krishna: One half of a paradox. Both halves must be considered in order to find the wholeness of it.

“The truth can only ever be told in the contradictions. Or in silence.” – Osho.

Meaningless is only one half of the truth, the other is that there is complete meaning. It stands as a perpetual contradiction, and must be approached that way.

It serves no real purpose to create existence ONLY in order to denounce it. The dance of the awakened dances on even in sleep, and meaning is not WASTED! That is the point.

Jonathan Varty: As Alan Watts said – If you could attain your ultimate state and there you are floating on a cloud in perfect bliss and knowing, then what?

Vajra Krishna: To hold onto “meaning” or “meaningless” without having the courage to see both standing side by side – or even within each other – cannot lead to ‘awakening.’

Beyond the ‘ideas’ of right and wrong, there is the SENSE of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’… of ‘what is right for this moment?’ that transcends ideas and musings and philosophies. A sense of ‘right’ that is thoroughly inclusive, intuitive, and pulses from the ‘secret eye.’ The Spiritual Warrior’s courage spills forth from this hidden infinity.

A pulsation of ‘right’ that one cannot even ‘explain’, because all the ingredients that caused the action are beyond one’s intellect, the syncronicities and elements at play only leading to PROMPT the action – and the soul surrenders to act, without the mind knowing any reason WHY.

If not for this, every awakened Sage would have shut himself up and never uttered a single word. But they spoke, lead by the sense of ‘right’ that is beyond ideas.

In the perennial dance, NOTHING IS WASTED.

Jonathan Varty: Some would say that none left the house and only a few ever realised that there was a house, and those who did got no further than a glimpse through the steamed up windows. For the way was barred and those bars were many, and the strongest were called ‘ways to enlightenment’ but in reality serve only to create more restrictions.

The door opened for the first time in the history of humanity in the last 10 years but the caged birds no longer concieved that they where captive and most no longer knew how to fly. Instead most stared at the opening with fear or puzzlement and insisted on following the old ways that reinforced the tether. Other sought to understand the nature of the opening while others considered its meaning in the light of what had gone before. Some believed that without the tether they would not be birds anymore.

Vajra Krishna: Most hold on to the cage because they are being drawn by a much deeper cause… the cause is with the question that brought them here in the first place, “Why does there have to be such distance between man and the divine?”

The cages were drawn as an answer to this question, this collective question, and they hold fast till the distance is bridged. Simply leaving the cage does not resolve the question, and everyone intuitively know this deep inside.

What holds them now is not fear… it is the deep knowing of that which is always ‘awakened’ inside them that there was a reason for the cage, and that reason must be accomplished.

Jonathan Varty: I see what kind of bird you are…

Vajra Krishna: Making the darkness conscious! It is why we chose to sleep!

Tammy Lockard: We are all into bondage deep down inside. We relent to “the cage” in order to hold an aspect in frame.
The only possible purpose to any of it is original thought.
I cannot tell you the last time I have heard an original thought.

Vajra Krishna: “Where the work’s origins intersect with the artist’s origins, it produces that extraordinary and timeless freshness we so clumsily refer to as ORIGIN-ALITY.” – Billy Marshall Stoneking.

Originality is a product of the courage of the warrior spirit, and as rare as the warrior’s spirit.

Tammy Lockard: All else is regurgitation.

Vajra Krishna: Perhaps the filaments of originality trace every action…. because there is a dose of courage in EVERYTHING that is going on… to even choose to fall asleep collectively as we have done is a deeply brave, courageous act… and that courage must surely permeate the sleep state… but can only be seen under the surface… in the subtext… by looking at it pheriperally and not head-on…

Perhaps it depends on HOW you look at things to be able to detect the courage in it… or not…

Tammy Lockard: Yes… to accept the act of being encased in a fearful suit of flesh in a challenging environment is either courage or insanity… perhaps even boredom.

Vajra Krishna: I love the saying, “boredom is rage spread thin…”

Surely there was a RAGE involved in making this choice to sleep… the wild-white rage in the face of injustice… that there is such a distance between darkness and light… a rage compelling one to bridge that gap…

Which now appears to us as boredom.

~ by revolutionwithin on July 18, 2015.

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