Lucifer Looks Into the Eyes of His Twin Flame.


My Gift to you!

What I am about to show you FEEL WITH YOUR HEART…. this is not acted, this is not scripted, this is not an intellectual thing…. this is a real channeling of the celestial… just feel it…

For those with ‘eyes’ to see, and ‘ears’ to hear:

From the channelings –

Vajra: What IS it about Lucifer’s energy that makes us feel so exhausted?

Hanuman: (Laughter) “He HIMSELF is deeply exhausted by this point. To the extent that you deal with the one who is caught in his own traps of creation — when you PLAY OUT that game of his…. What are you really playing out? FIGHTING for your own creation, then the SICKENING SADNESS of being stuck with it, or a part creation that because of the NATURE of the approach is NEVER BUILT RIGHT, and yet the DIVINE within you calls out to the purity and perfection that was present in the SPARK that started the whole process…. That constant tug of war. Holy hell, I cannot actually think of anything as exhausting as this.”

“– So — if you are dealing with THAT ENERGY of Lucifer, it’s BOUND to be exhausting. This is precisely WHY as you told him to look into the eyes of his twin flame, there were a zillion tons of metal on that being, a zillion tons is the only way to say it, like entire rock and mud and cave systems inside it and ancient civilizations living in those massive cave systems, and all those rocks and dirt and metal just slid off as he RAISED HIS HEAD to look at his twin flame’s eyes.”

“THIS is what it felt like for HIM. So, this is the second energy…. the STEP into Lucifer’s purity. When the opportunity is there to LIFT ONESELF out of that heaviness, usually it’s only through a divine spark of pure compassion, or divine grace (Ganapati can sometimes offer it in the direst of situations when you are stuck in the pit of the old energy form. No one goes wrong calling his NAME in that case)…. However, that opportunity comes, the GIFT of the heaviness is to be damned ready to shed it quickly when there is a gap.”

“This is also the VICTORY which is available to anyone willing to draw upon that energy from the stage of TIREDNESS involving his energies.”

Vajra: How can the world still be in bondage after Lucifer is healed and preys no more?

Goddess: “Lucifer’s freedom is tenfold blessed. Yet though he makes no further movement into darkness, he has to evolve from the location he finds himself. Holding the hand of his twin flame, he walks across the lake of ice he was encased in, and breaks the chains of the pits he sank in…. Those energies of his OWN karmic bondage breaking are like the thunder CRACK of the ice shattering on others. Does the ice split instantly? And if it does, do the beings find themselves instantly WHOLE and WARM in the light of the sun? And even if they do, how do they know which way to move.”

“Habit remains, even as Karma recedes. Though it does not retain its power, and shall be broken by the LIGHT of the DIVINE shining in each being, there is still a time-frame for this to occur within.”

“But this is not right, it is not the whole picture. Some walk away from Karma, there is always the ability to simply STEP AWAY from habit, from ignorance, to STEP OUT in the truth that is beheld, despite every habit and layer of trash still lining the ground of a broken prison. This LEAPING out over the bricks of the shattered walls is a beautiful and courageous act. This is the courage you are searching for now, the shattering of your heartbreak by THAT act.”

Vivikenanda: “I have seen, with my own eyes, the image of Durga CLEANSED to the bones of many people, the cover over the flesh, the idol over the true idol burnt down.”

“Lucifer has looked upon his Twin Flame’s eyes and been touched, changed DEEPLY. These are mysterious forces happening, touching beyond the voids of timelessness, and reaching every nook and corner of the universe, even our apparent position.”

“The truth being put forth, the LIGHT of Luminous being, the very PITCH or FREQUENCY of that light is beyond the range of many, but it creates a resonance, and resonances occur even across harmonic intervals, not limited to the same pitch, but touching others as well.”


~ by revolutionwithin on April 29, 2015.

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