Two Hearts


There is one thing every mystic worth his salt has always said – that there exists within him two hearts simultaneously;

One heart which feels absolute sorrow for all the tragedy and pain and struggle in the world, constantly weeping for the suffering of others.

And one heart which feels absolute joy for all the victory in the world!

Both hearts exist simultaneously within him. It is the only way to hold the wholeness of it all.

A polarity and seperation is created when people focus on just one, or the other.

Bob Frissell, a reknowned Rebirthing and Breathwork trainer, intuitively spoke about this himself;

“I had plenty of emotional body training but was trusting it less because of the duality coming from my left brain. Also, I was becoming increasingly disillusioned with much of what I saw in the ‘New Age’ movement. I saw more and more people who were talking about love and unity and acting ‘as if’ life was wonderful, but who seemed totally ungrounded in reality. It was as though they had put on blinders to prevent themselves from seeing and feeling any negativity and in so doing, although they talked of unity, they were infact creating more seperation.”

~ by revolutionwithin on April 28, 2015.

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