The Ugliest Thing You Will Ever See…


“Alright, truly the ugliest thing you are going to see is the ugliest thing that everyone is going to see, the fact that your prison was self-made. THIS is why you beings could not incarnate onto this world KNOWING fully who you are….. because otherwise, you just wouldn’t have built any prisons to protect yourselves…. which is what you are trying to break for EVERYONE.”

“But unfortunately, it’s very HARD to point a person in this direction. Even to SAY IT sounds extremely uncaring or unloving. And it’s the case of it being buried under layers of deception. So, lets say eventually you would realize soberly that you were MANIPULATED to build it. But even so…. even so… it is hard to look at. And there is an awareness to pass through of SEEING that it was built by your own hands. That moment always appears very ugly and loathsome. It is the man in a HOLE in a concentration camp waking up from hypnosis and realizing he DUG IT and LOCKED THE DOOR on himself. That is the ugliest thing, the loathsome thing.”

“Now, this is also where self-love comes through — a person will look at the situation more soberly, and they will see that they were INDEED manipulated into it, and the only reason it was possible was their self-love was mixed with Naivete at the point when they locked that cell door. And then, one can step OUT from it.”

“This sounds harsh to anyone’s ears. But it is true. You asked, what will the ugliest thing be, and I am telling you, the ugliest moment will be seeing *precisely* which doors you locked on yourself.”

“Moreover, once all this has been faced, and once the time has come when you surpass even THAT experience with your own self-love, it actually doesn’t matter what enemies you might find in the astral world. You will know their defeat is within the glint of your eye.”

“I am only trying to set it up where your own self-love can be as strong as a pure Godly MOTHER even in that moment — very deeply loving yourself. …and so you can surpass all that quickly instead of just ‘eventually.'”

“Because once you pass what should only be a MOMENT, because honestly that SEEING is NOT the final word on this matter, once you have passed that moment of remembering the CLICK of locking the door on yourself, then you can actually see all that went into it, all the deception and manipulation that caused it in the first place.”

“But you see — SEEN CLEARLY this will never be repeated. This destroys the KARMA of Naivete, and is a powerful process. This is what you are all involved with moving towards right now…. it is a gift for the entire WORLD that you do this.”

– The Divine Feminine (Channeled By Lyra Angael Huntress).


~ by revolutionwithin on April 21, 2015.

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