An Introduction to the Sacred Warriors.


This introduction is not going to unravel in any conventional form, as it must be as perfect a reflection of my fragrance. It must be weaved in a way where those who can ‘see’… can make the connections in the invisible, in the subtext, in what is not being said, although, the point here is of course to be very forthcoming;

High vibrational beings need to engage each other in order to speed things up. Truly the lethargy of the common man right now – that state of things – is the greatest enemy for the spiritual warrior – the one that we must form our battle plans around, because it is a question of time constraints. It is possible to get where we want to go, and yet it being too late. That is also a truth. If this was not possible, there would be no Sacred Warrior – as he would have no formidable enemy, and everything would be simply ‘love and light’ at the shallowest level.

I am going to explain here a major blindspot in the spiritual approach people are taking that I have been sent here to shine a light on. It is best made lucid by bringing the example of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev – a living Melchizedek on earth:

Take Sadhguru; for the previous two lifetimes he tried to create what is called a ‘Dyanalinga’;… a energetic stone that held the highest vibrational state of EACH chakra within it… and would plant the seed of a quickened enlightenment on anyone who sat in front of it. This is something attempted for more than 2000 years unsuccessfully… and each time he tried it, all the people he needed to work with to make it happen just couldn’t handle his intensity… they just gave up… and the project was a failure….

After the second attempt, he walked away with righteous anger…. a state of absolute intensity…. and he decided then that if he is to make this project HAPPEN, anger is simply not going to be an option for him.

Which is why in this life he chose to be born in certain circumstances where he would learn to mediate well between people and ‘dial down’ his own intensity…. As a result, he DID accomplish creating the Dyanalinga… and that is a very important point of transformation for humanity….

But, because of the ‘personality’ he had to take to get along with people, he had to purposefully BLIND himself to higher truths… He could not have accomplished this otherwise. Let me make clear here: by higher truths I do not mean truths that other mystics and sages might know – not in that way. He is extremely grounded, and with a crystalline sharpness of mind, but he cannot ‘see’ everything. He has willfully locked himself away from that in order to make himself approachable. For he learnt the hard way that when he truly ‘sees’, people find him far too frightening.

Yet now he is in a much lesser form than his pure intensity… His pure intensity is locked away…

And it is as if two halfs of a puzzle are not BRIDGED… Which in itself spells problems for the planet! For the evolution of consciousness – as this is the point when that bridge must finally take place. The two halves MUST merge.

One has to bridge their intensity with their ability to collaborate on a project… both these things need to collaborate somehow… Otherwise, we would only repeat the cycle all over again.

This is the project I am on right now. Although, I can clearly say, there is no other spiritual leader who is as advanced as Sadhguru is on earth right now….. YET, as advanced as he is, he is still compromising.

And I am on earth, working in the background, working in secret, with a purpose…. I came here for this reason… to find some inexplicable way to bridge this gap… I don’t even know HOW right now… I only know this is why i am here.

I pushed boundaries to see the level of people’s compassion for intensity… because if that cannot be accomplished, whatever we do end up achieving won’t stop this wretched CYCLE of 26000 years. And that is what I am here to STOP.

I am here to stop this cycle of YUGAS… or deteriorating down in consciousness for one half – 13000 years, then emerging back into a golden age for another 13000 years.

From all the material I have read on this, nobody questions why this HAS TO BE SO. NOT ONE BEING.

But for me, this is a terrible way to evolve…. To dumb yourself down for a bit, then get some clarity again for a bit… then dumb down again… It’s HORRID. It’s wrongfully sacrificial. Don’t you think? This is the collective blind spot.

If God decrees this, then FUCK God. If Truth decrees this, then FUCK truth.

My spirit does not deserve this sacrifice. It is wrong on all counts. It is an old system, and it needs to end.

Though I felt this flame so powerfully within me, even and as I went and lived in a forest learning from an advanced tantric Master – who was also the most impeccable ‘medium/channel’ I’d ever encountered – though I felt this flame, nobody else felt the same… and I wondered if I was imagining things. But each time a vision descended, I was again returned to this PULSE – this MISSION.

I don’t know if I can find a way or not. The divine ones say my victory is assured, but from where I am standing, I really can’t tell. I am walking in the dark, trying to find a way to end the old path.

I know you like to keep yourself secret, and mask your words in mystery to protect yourself. I only say you do not have to do that with me. I think we are both fighting the same fight, and need each other’s strength.

I think you intuitively know the old way has become obsolete… and a total revolution like never seen before in the Universe is upon us… the only thing slowing this down is humanity’s clinging to the old way…. as if it is unquestionable….

I think we need to perform some serious ALCHEMY here that puts all of us in a direction we cannot ever turn back from.

You know, for all this talk about “It’s living a life without searching, rather a life that finds you,” the truth is we actually come down here on a MISSION – categorically we embark on a sort of undercover mission, with given protocols, with life or death situations… and part of the ‘struggling and searching’ is often one component of the mission itself… it is necessary to lead to the other part.

We don’t actually really come to ‘learn lessons’…. we come on a mission. The lessons are just the after-effects, that illuminate an already fortituous ‘glint’ in the eye.

What’s the mission – GENERALLY?

I have a pulse on big movements…. all this pushing and pulling – Something is bound to break here. I am in this fight with them, with the tragedies, I suffer with them every day. I feel their pain, their anxiety. I am fighting for freedom right alongside them. Each act I do in conquring my own demons is an extra burst of courage I send their way.

We are all in this fight together.


~ by revolutionwithin on April 21, 2015.

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