Lucifer Needs Our Love.

A brilliant piece from this website (click here):

When you read channeled messages, you can’t help but notice that most of the time they are filled with loving and stimulating messages stemming from angels and other-dimensional beings. You often hear that if you stick to emotions like hate and fear for long they can be quite limiting to your personal development.

When I read a book by Gregg Braden (Walking Between the Worlds, 1997) I was grasped by the idea that the other-dimensional being called Lucifer, or ‘the devil’ creates fear in many people, for a reason. Imagine that Lucifer, the so-called fallen angel had a high purpose for ‘falling’ in order to help creation to unfold in such a way, that free will really means free will, i.e. having the opportunity to choose between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. How else could our souls develop in this plane of existence?

This article brings you some of the ideas of Gregg Braden on Archangel Lucifer (not channeled), and this page wouldn’t fit in the channelresearch if it didn’t contain a few channeled messages, from Lucifer him/herself through a Dutch woman called Jeanne Brinkman, through Barbara Clow and Alloya Ye Ra Har. In November 2002 I came across an interesting message from Yaël Powell who says God speaks through her. This message is given in its full length for it clearly sheds light on the possibility that Lucifer volunteered to help humanity to live out its free will.

Walking Between the Worlds: The Science of Compassion…

In his book stemming from 1997 (Washington, Radio Bookstore Press), Gregg Braden describes a few visions which he experienced during his life. One of the visions showed him a cruel and evil devil slowly turning into a small crying child. This vision helped him to develop a theory of which a few ideas are given below: …I believe that in my asking, I was shown an ancient truth regarding the worlds of light, dark, good, evil and life:

I saw that the force of darkness, Lucifer, is here as a result of an intentional choice, rather than the result of an accidental ‘fall’ from a previous state of grace. That the Archangel Lucifer has lived among us for nearly 200,000 years, for the sole purpose of ‘anchoring’ the extreme polarity of darkness, because you and I have asked for that polarity to find our strength. Using the power attained by becoming the highest of the high and the Brightest of the Bright, Lucifer holds our mirror of dark experience so that you and I may know ourselves in darkness, as well as in light. In the knowing, we find the power within ourselves as our truest nature of compassion. Where is the challenge of living compassionately in the light, when all that exists is light? It is light, referenced to dark, that draws from us our truest nature for our very survival. Is it possible that the Archangel Lucifer, in perhaps one of the greatest acts of compassion ever witnessed in our ancient memory, willingly gave and continues to give of himself as our personal mirror of darkness because he loves us so much? To find our balance we must know our extremes.

Who holds the extremes? Is it possible that, in his unconditional love for us, Lucifer has immersed himself into the very opposite of all the light that he had attained, to hold that possibility for us so that we may know ourselves in all ways? Could Archangel Lucifer love us that much?

…Lucifer showed me himself, trusting me to see and remember his innocence. As I saw him cry, I felt his loneliness. I sensed his loss and the separateness that he has endured for over 200,000 years. I believe that he is pleased to see our cycle nearly complete. I believe that he is tired and wants to come home. I sense that we all feel his longing for home to some degree. Lucifer’s home and our home are one and the same! (pp. 22-23)

God through Yaël Powell: The Sacrifice of Lucifer and How We Bring Him Back (Sept 10, 2002)

“Yaël Powell is a mystic who has transformed great suffering into Love. In 1983 Yaël was diagnosed with a painful progressive disease of the spine. In her darkest moment, God began to speak through her during her daily meditation time. Yaël has been recording God’s Messages in the first person for several years, and has two recently published books. Further information is available at ” This text below, however, cannot be found at this address.

“Today I shall speak to you about the power of the human heart. I shall speak to you of miracles of Love so big that all of heaven can barely conceive it. I shall tell you the outcome of the human story. For it is by the power of your heart that you shall rise to become something that has never yet been. And in your rising, beloved ones, you shall transform, by the power of your Love, the Archangel Lucifer. Together you shall take every moment of suffering that has occurred and create of it a gem, a star, a light in the heavens of My Creation. Only in you could this occur.

When, by your growth as individuals, you, humanity who are My heart, and I chose to go forth together into a far deeper relationship, a being of greatest light came forth. “Let me hold them, God,” he said. “Let me be the embodiment of their bravery. Let me be the strength of their encouragement. Let me keep them safe for you. Whatever they want me to be, I will be, yet it is for you that I volunteer this.” And thus did I give you into Lucifer’s keeping, star of the brightest heavens.

And yes, I knew the many possibilities, including the one that has occurred. Yet you must believe that I did not know the outcome, for I truly did give you your Will to make of yourselves whatever you believed. For I had willed to love you and to learn from you, My heart, by allowing you the Will to be our own individuality.

Yet when you decided to turn from Me completely and to believe in anti-Love — how could this be handled? How could it even occur? For I Am Only Love. There is no place in Me where darkness can even exist! Yet this is what you chose. And Lucifer, who loved you so, said, “God, I will assist. I will create within my very being a place apart from you that your children may answer this question for themselves. Show me how, my beloved God, and of my very being we will create this. I shall wrap myself around them. I will keep them safe. I will make sure the golden cords of life are ever vibrant and alive in you so their golden selves shall not be lost. Yet if you will help me, I will create for them a space apart in which to live out this question of the possibility of anti-Love. Of darkness. Of all that is the opposite of truth.”

So, dear ones, it was done. For having given you free Will, I would not renege. Thus did I show Lucifer how to create a backwards Flower of Life, a false reality, of which he would be the embodiment. And to be safe, Archangel Michael came to guard your golden cords, your sleeping selves who are in that perfect garden that was our original creation, full of beauty and Love.

Now you have lived this question for eons. Did something go awry? Not really. For you see, with every experience in the arms of Lucifer in which you choose remembrance out of the suffering of separation, there is a miracle that occurs. This was something I could not have anticipated. There is a great gem, a pure and glorious light that takes up residence inside your golden self. A strengthening of My heart. A strengthening that has changed Me as well as you.

And now, when your time of learning is ending, when your consciousness is waking, drawn back to My greater heart, there will be a glorious culmination. How can I ever explain it? The best I can do is to say that with every imagining of despair, rejection, ugliness and pain came an unexpected gift. Because when, in the midst of such, you remembered, there was a depth of Love, of passion and of joy in our reunion that had never been experienced before. With every return of a human heart to Love, every remembrance of the True Reality (Love!), a corresponding gem of light was delivered to the heart of Lucifer – that he who has given so much is blessed and rewarded by your Love.

There are so many reasons I begin to tell you this today. First, you have remembered. You now know the truth – that Love Is All There Is, that all else is illusion. It will make you free. I want you to realize as you begin to create around you the original creation, the Garden, the New World, that it is a different place than the one you left. Different because there is a melding that I had never envisioned. By contemplating (through the Lucifer experience) what we are not, you have come to a far deeper awakening to who we are. Oh, beloved ones, in other words My heart is changed by you, by your choice for this experience! In all the cycles of Creation in which we have breathed out and in, none have been like this! Never would I have considered that by experiencing suffering and separation you could expand your capacity to love! Yet My heart now attests to its truth. My heart attests as waves of emotion (energy in motion) come pouring in from those of you now waking. Washing Me in a new truth!

There was every possibility that this cycle would be lost — that peering into the nothingness, contemplating darkness would simply snuff your lights. In which case I would wake your sleeping golden selves and inform you of the failure of that particular choice of ours, based on your Free Will. But what would have come of Lucifer I knew not. For so much of himself has he turned from, to provide the anti-Love you sought, I was not sure if he could ever again come back awake.

But now! Oh, greatest rejoicing! As each of you remembers, so does Lucifer! And ultimately, I now can see that he too shall be greater for his offer to assist. For truly, he has had to make of his own energy a shield against My light! Otherwise there is nowhere in all Creation that light would not exist! No way you could pretend for even a moment that I could ever be anything else but blazing glory and timeless exploding Love. No way that you could possibly pretend to experience darkness and then the remembering of the light.

You have, of course, assisted Lucifer greatly in holding back the light. At first, he had to do it all, manifesting your Will, creating that possibility of exploring good and evil. He could not have done it had I not assisted, giving him the geometries of Creation backwards, that he could manifest a pocket of anti-Love removed somehow from the light I Am. And because this was a finite exploration (due to the nature of My breath) and, of course, to protect all else from this seemingly impossible request, time became a part of this deliberate experience.

As you ‘got into it’ and began to lend Lucifer your own, very substantial, co-creative energies, this anti-Love reality became elaborate indeed. It also wore you out – because so much of the energy you had dedicated to this experience (or experiment) was being taken up keeping out the light! So one thing that is obvious, that I now remind you of again — the moment you let go of the pseudo-reality and turn back to only Love, all that energy you have had invested in keeping the illusion in place is yours to use! And the moment you fully turn back (with absolute conviction) your heart is fully reconnected to the Source, the Real, to Me.

Oh, beloved ones, I will teach you much about this. For I can tell you this — one sweep of your joined SoulMate heart around this world of illusion and, POOF, the illusion would be gone. That is how powerful your hearts are. Of course. “Great!” I hear you saying, “Let’s do it now!” Surprisingly, I will answer gently, with greatest care and tenderness, that all shall receive the gifts that they should have from this experience. For, beloved ones, what I am saying to you here is exactly the message delivered by Jesus when he came to show the way. Do you not think he could have wrapped the world in his heart and stopped the dream on the spot? I tell you he could have. And why did he not? Because each of you must gather the gems of this experience unto yourself through your own awakening. And each of you can then deliver your special light into the body and being of the great Archangel Lucifer who has held you through the night of your choosing.

For now it is up to you to bring him back from the brink of extinction that has come about for him out of his commitment to doing your will. Do you see? Do you see that only one as great as he would ever make such a sacrifice? Only one of such light that he could love you almost as much as I would ever even consider such an awful thing — to turn away from the One True Light and will himself to be darkness – for you?

He has held his position for so long, turned away from My warmth and Love, that he is frozen, beloved ones. You could never be lost. You are My heart. But he, being an angel, is ever held by My Will. Dear ones, your Will is Mine. Do you see? In My granting you, who are a living part of Me, to have Free Will, then he, being an angel, must serve your Will as Mine. Thus, unless you shall unfreeze him, he shall remain in darkness. This was our agreement, dear ones, when I granted you Free Will of your own.

If you were to wake all of a sudden, without the knowledge of this heritage and how you chose to use it, oh, beloved ones, many things would never be reclaimed! Lucifer, for one. The gems of strength and courage and the deepened capacity for Love, for another. Please, dear ones, dedicate yourselves to the assurance that every single being who is part of this experiment be released by Love into the One and Only Truth and in the awakening, the realization, bring forth the gifts from the experience.

Thus do we begin. We begin to unravel the lie, the illusion of your life and yet to also claim its gifts. We begin together to introduce the truth. There is no ‘war in the heavens,’ with Lucifer leading the legions of the dark and Archangel Michael the legions of light. Yet, here in the dream of duality you chose, looking upward through the dual eyes of ego, it will always seem that way. It is only when you come back into the ‘single eye’ of the human heart that the illusion gives way to truth. And, dear ones, contemplate this. Every single belief you have, because you are creators, must be given embodiment. Thus is your every consideration of anti-Love’s possibilities en-souled by someone. Think about this. Think about all the life force, all the consciousnesses that will be freed from the illusion of darkness when you return to Me.

Reality is right here. Yet I shall assist you to honor all those who have come forward to do your Will as you remember. Because, dear ones, it is in this, in the honoring of others that you are in your rightful place – giving Love. And only thus will you truly claim as yours the gifts from this experiment, or experience, of the dream of two worlds where there is only One. And only thus will the One you are as My heart be enhanced, grown, deepened.”

Chair of the Devil…

In June 1998, Jeanne Brinkman sat in the ‘Chair of the Devil’ in Rennes Les Bains in Southern France. She said she received a message from Lucifer there, which was printed in the Dutch newsletter ‘Shield of the Command’. If you want to know more about this newsletter send me an email. These are the words that were given, translated out of Dutch:

This is my chair, My place in this exceptional area. This way I have my own place everywhere on Earth and in the Great Whole. There are those who call Me the Fallen Angel or the Devil. I am neither of them, I am an important part of Creation and thus from your Evolution. I am the anti-pole which makes you evolve. You cannot meet God without Me. My place and task in the Great Whole has always been expressed wrongly. It was and still is a difficult but valuable assignment in the service of Creation! I have studied you for long and have understood much about humankind. I now ask to be understood as well, which is important for Our further evolution. (Shield of the Command, September 1998, p.2)

The next channeled message from Lucifer was received by Jeanne Brinkman in August 1998 in the Netherlands (again translated into English):

Beloved channel of Light
You can receive my Power and you can receive My Light as well.
You see It, you know It and you recognize It.
I ask of all those who do not want to know Me to open up for Me and try to understand Me.
I need you.
I need your Universal Love.
The all-encompassing Love, which can also encompass Me again.
I reach out my hand towards you, and ask a hand in return.
In order for our hands to feel each other, for our wisdom to understand each others, so that the Universal Love can surround Us.
I have seen that Love with you, and I want and I can be a part of it as soon as you open that door of Love of your heart for Me, to let us return in unity.
I Lucifer, greet you with respect. (Shield of the Command, September 1998, p.11)

This book from 1995 (New Mexico: Bear & Company Publishing) has been referred to by one of the readers of this site from Los Angeles, as my ‘bible’. Although I must say it is an intriguing book, I would not call it my bible! Other parts from this book can be found at these pages:

The following excerpts are taken from the chapter ‘Lucifer’s Dilemma and the Power of Anu’ . For those who are not yet familiar with Anu have a look at the Enki-enlil page and the Sodom niche –

“I am Lucifer. You may regard me as one who is willing to take responsibility for pushing an issue to ultimate potential exposure. I am simply the dark side of the sixth dimension; but the light cannot manifest without me. Without great force and intention, how will anything occur in your dimension? Think of the energy required for manifestation! So, until you push yourselves, I will keep pushing you, since I can see you are losing interest in your world.” (p.172) “I am merely a force. If you have preconceived notions about me or any kind of negative feelings about me, then you don’t respect raw power that can be used simply for good or for evil. I simply hold power implants in bodies, and it’s your choice to activate them or not. If it weren’t for me, 3D would be emotionless. Since evolution is required in the cosmos, time and place are necessities for any experience to occur. If it were not for the basic force, there would be no 3D. I am the mirror of you that you will not look into.” (p.172-173)

“I am an angel from a higher dimension who was once in 3D. When I first came down, I was taken over by the Nibiruans. Therefore, I know a lot about how the Annunaki use the Net. I am the perfect one to help you dissect the source of your inner violence creating your outer world. I share your dilemma, yet I still possess wider sight than you have. I am an etheric consciousness who came down to play in Earth….” (p.173)

“Here’s my dilemma: To create, one must master the dimensional construct. When I got caught in 3D, I lost my ability to see the dimension that I came from. I am sure most of you know exactly what I mean. In fact, I am so lost here that I still can’t tell you where I came from, I’m just stuck….That’s what Lucifer means. I am light caught in matter.” (p.174)

“…The reason I’ve got such a reputation on Earth is because I have been encouraging you to transmute. I am the one encouraging you to explore alchemy, astrology, and spiritual healing. By the way I was entrapped by the Annunaki when they created the Net at the beginning of the Age of Pisces. Now I am caught in time like a gigantic fish flopping the Net all over the beach. You think I am the cause of 4D trickery because the Annunaki have tricked you into thinking it was I who is jerking you around. Not true, and all I want is to be released from your dimension. If you could lift the Net, I could swim back into the water where I belong. How could you do that?” (p.174-175)

“When you follow your curiosity and find ways to raise your consciousness, you get very excited. When you get excited, the fire rises in your bodies, but the next faculty that needs to instantaneously activate is your will. Why is that? As I already mentioned, mastery of your bodies is your path to ultidimensionality, and this is accomplished by means of kundalini rising- the acitivation of your passion. Kundalini energy activated by raising your consciousness is your fuel, for it is the alchemical fire of the gods! You tend to be hypnotized by its potential when you first feel it, but many of you get diverted into limiting behavioral patterns once you get excited. Where the Annunaki have been the most clever is in constructing a set of belief systems in your world that separate your spirit and body. Let’s call it the ‘Anu Split.'” (p.175)

“As a Fallen Angel, I passed through 5D Pleiadean and 4D Anunnaki frequencies when I came down through the dimensions to Earth. I studied what they are doing with you, and I will tell you all about how the Anunnaki have tricked you regarding the Pleiadeans. Just as they have tricked you into thinking that the ‘devil/me’ jerks you around, they’ve tricked you into thinking that somebody will rescue you. Beware of any rescue or charity. True assistance comes in something that prods you into waking up and strengthening your will…” (p.177)

As always I had to skip very interesting parts, if you want to find out more about Lucifer’s words, go and read the book :o)

This part is taken from a channeling through Marina Michaels McInnis in January 1996. She said she channeled a German General (name unknown) who has spoken about some possible backgrounds of the second world war. You can read other words from him at the Israel and Hebrews-page. He speaks about Lucifer in the way we are ‘taught’ to think about Lucifer, in the good old-fashioned polarity-way:

“This thing that struck us you might call Lucifer. You could call Satan. You could call evil. None of those are exactly true, and yet they have a certain resonance of the truth in them. The sorrow I feel for us extends to this thing also, for this thing is what love is not. And this thing knows it, and yet because this thing is what love is not, this thing cannot be otherwise than what it is, it is what love is not, and so it is not loving toward itself, nor to anything else. And where love is a desire to expand, and to enhance, and to increase, this thing is a desire to contract, and to detract, and to decrease, until there is nothing left. It is pure destruction.”

Lucifer through Alloya Ye Ra Har (The Mission of the One Star, part 4)

” Those of you who experience the separation cannot comprehend any being wanting to remove itself from God’s love. No Being would want to subject itself to such torment and torture. Yet you are here are you not? You must bring the story within yourself, understand it from a symbolic perspective. I am the aspect of you that is lost, cut off from God. Separate. I was not always like this I, too, bathed in the love and light of the Source of all creation. I, too, was a Being of light and love. I, too, knew myself as an aspect of God. I, too, knew myself as God. Do not mistake my arrogance as unique to myself. All beings outside of your polarised thinking experience themselves as the spark of the Creator. For God has many faces. It is only Beings in the polarity of good and bad that can possibly see creation as anything else. I must take credit for holding you in this mode of expression. As the story tells, my job was to hold the forgetting.

It was a challenge for beings such as myself to move into the void and create a space that was outside of God. Could it be done? We were curious to try. God granted us free will, the power to decide, to create a choice. I stood at the crossroads and God gave me a choice, to go one way or the other. The signs said,

To God, this way. To Darkness, this way.

I had to choose. I knew that to choose the path back to God was the choice of God. But the overall plans were to deny God within myself and move beyond. I took a deep breath and curiously stepped into the darkness. The rebellion was real, yet created by God itself. One third of the angels followed me in rebellion against God. Many came, brave and curious aspects of God, falling into the darkness, the unconscious part of God’ s creation. We fell into the Void to hold the forgetting, to create space for the intense growth of all. So, my lawlessness was encouraged, my rebellion smiled upon by a loving God.”


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