Ascension: The Coming Planetary Transitions…

This was from the Discerning Angels Yahoo Group–posted on October 26:

Apparently one of the last messages from the author to the group: FROM Gerald. It is a very good possibility that we are about to run out of time to teach. Everything we are getting from above is saying get ready. Time will tell. So for now please share this information as it answers many questions that many people are now asking.

Ascension Scenario:

From: Gerald Markowski Author of: DNA In The Sands Of Time.

Many people may not be aware of what is now happening to the human race at this time. It does not matter if you believe in God or not. It does not matter if you are religious, or of any particular faith, or even an atheist.

It does not matter if you know about this event or not. At this point in time, If You Are Ready Or Not, Mother Earth (Gaia) and the human race are now preparing to leave the 3rd dimensional level and enter into the 4th dimensional level. This will affect the entire human race around the world.

We are coming up to a date called 11.11.11., which is November 11, 2011. This event will trigger a portal to open up (an opening in space and time) and the earth will pull completely out of the 3rd dimensional level and enter completely into the 4th dimensional level. This event may or may not happen exactly on 11.11.11. This date is a Trigger Date. If this does not happen on exactly that date, it will most likely happen within a short time period.

Mother Earth’s work of preparing the planet for Ascension must be completed before the earth can completely pull out of the 3rd dimension. So it is very possible, Mother Earth Herself, could delay this event until this work is complete. How long will it take? Only Mother Earth Knows! Have No Fear, it will happen. There will probably be earth changes and some of them could be very violent. The surface of the Earth may be rearranged in some places or it could be rearranged all over the world. All this will be according to the will of Mother Earth (Gaia) as she prepares the body of planet Earth for this complete ascension into the 4th dimension. Only Mother Earth knows how many earth changes she must make, where they will be and how violent they will be.

At this event, Mother Earth is in Charge and the Galactic Federation Of Light is here in great numbers and the necessary resources to help the human race out, by doing what is necessary to lessen the effects of the earth changes and save human life from destruction. After this happens we will be in the 4th dimension. Then there will be social changes to address, physical changes, whatever material destruction there is and any other after effects of the dimensional shift. It will be recognized by many that a great number of people are no longer here on the planet.

During the 11.11.11 event, or in the time period after that date, we will have a time of separation. Families may be divided, husband from wife, parents from children and brothers and sisters from each other. This separation of people (also called the cleansing of the Earth) has been referred to as the 3 days of darkness. This is when all those who do not have a vibration high enough to enter the 4th dimension or choose not to enter it, will be removed from the planet Earth. Those left will be able to advance quickly in the 4th dimension and then prepare themselves to enter the 5th dimension. Those who want to Ascend and are not quite ready and do not have the necessary vibration to enter the 4th dimension, have the privilege to enter what are called the Light Chambers. These Light Chambers are located in the Inner Earth and when a person enters into them, it will raise their vibration up to the necessary level to enter the 4th dimension. The Light Chambers will be made available to those that choose to ascend and need the extra help to bring their vibration up.

During this 11.11.11 event, or in the time period after that date, there will be people entering the Inner Earth to make use of the Light Chambers and others will enter the Inner Earth to go through the 3 days of darkness in the Crystal Cities located in the Inner earth. And Yes, the Earth is Hollow with a small Sun in its center and there are many cities within it. It is a very beautiful place. Some people will remain on the surface of the Earth in what will be areas that are safe from violent Earth changes. In areas of violent changes, others will be beamed up off the Earth into Space Ships. These ships are called City Ships and they are very large. There are many of these city ships now above the Earth waiting in anticipation of this event. The people will remain in these ships for the 3 days of darkness and then be returned to the surface of the Earth.

For those who wonder about the space ships, know that they are all part of the Galactic Federation of Light. Many of them are actually our brothers and sisters. Many of them look just like us. Also know that there are over a Million space ships waiting to assist us during this event. They are being seen now all over the world at different times and places. The greatest majority of them stay cloaked so they cannot be seen by humans, so that they do not frighten or scare those who have no knowledge of them. They do this out of respect and love for us.

The 3 days of Darkness may not be totally dark days as has been put forth in other writings. It will be a time of lower brightness, similar to a dark over cast day. During this event many people will fall asleep and go through the whole event and not even know what happened. Those who are aware of the events happening will be comfortable and awake and keep themselves occupied.

During this time it is very wise to remain indoors, wherever you are at that time, as the separation cleansing and Earth changes take place. For those people who have no knowledge of this event, it could be a very scary time.

During the separation and cleansing at this time and there will be many humans who will permanently leave this planet during this event. Those that will leave, all have a place to go according to their spiritual vibration. Universal Law (Like Attracts Like) will dictate where everyone will go. There will be many destinations. Some will go to a 1st dimension, some to a 2nd dimension, some to different parallel 3rd dimensions. Those that choose to ascend to the 4th and 5th dimension will remain on the earth or within it.

Some will go to the 5th dimension ahead of time, others will ascend to the many higher dimensions where they came from and some will return to Creators light. There will also be those that will be entering into the universal mixture of essential elements, (often called the ooze or soup), to start all over again from the beginning of Creation. These are the ones with the darkest of energies which is the lowest vibrations. They will have to start their personal evolution all over again. Their vibration is so low that this is the only place they can go. After this event is completed, the dark energies will no longer be present on the planet to cause chaos. Much will change and much more will be needed to change as humans themselves change to the 4th dimensional energies. The Galactic Federation of Light will then work directly with the human race on the planet and it will begin to evolve quickly. The human race will become part of the Galactic Neighborhood and there may be those who will wish to work with them and become space travelers. Life will not be the same as it was and it cannot return to the past.

Many wondrous things will happen in 2012 as the Galactic Federation Of Light opens the human race to the Truth of its past, High Technology and the wonders of the Universe. This is the beginning of the fulfillment of Ancient Prophecies about the future Golden Age of the human race.

Another date will then appear. It is 12.12.12. This is December 12, 2012. At this date another portal will open up and Mother Earth will leave the 4th dimension and enter into her final destination which is the 5th dimension. This event may or may not happen exactly on 12.12.12. This date is also a Trigger Date. It can happen before this date and if this does not happen on exactly that date, it will happen within a short time period. Most humans on the planet will ascend to the 5th dimension. There will be those that will remain in the 4th dimension and they will go to a parallel 4th dimension on another planet. This 12.12.12. Event will be more dramatic than the 11.11.11. Event. When you enter the 5th dimension level you will enter into the multi dimensional reality of the Higher Realms. Absolutely Nothing from the past can compare to this level. Time itself does not exist as you know it.

Disease does not exist. Old age does not exist. Physical death no longer exists. You no longer work, you create by thought. Then there is Space Travel throughout this solar system, the Milky Way Galaxy, this Universe and beyond to other Universes. These are all new concepts that many only dream of. That is your future !

Once Mother Earth ascends to the 5th dimension she will eliminate the lower dimensions that humans lived in. The 1st and 2nd dimensions on this planet no longer exist. They have already been eliminated. Mother Earth will roll up the 3rd dimension that humans lived in and then roll up the 4th dimension, so they no longer exist, permanently eliminating them. Mother Earth will now only support the 5th, 6th ,7th and 8th dimensions. The 9th and 10th dimensions will still be there although Mother Earth will not support them.

Those that will occupy the 9th and 10th dimensions will have their own sources of support. Earth will become the Home Of An Evolved Human Race. It has often been referred to in Esoteric literature as Celestria. There will be those who are able to ascend although they will not. Again, this is their personal choice. Some will remain and become teachers to those that are just waking up to the changes that are happening all around them. And no, they will not be left behind. The Ascension will happen in waves. There are those that have already Ascended into the 5th dimension, even though hardly anyone one knows this has already happened. Ascension is a individual choice to make. No one can make that choice for another person. Parents cannot make this choice for their children. Children make this choice at the soul level even though they do not realize it. Every person, young or old, male or female, is totally responsible for their own choice.

This information of the Ascension Scenario will be a surprise to some and will create many questions for others. At this point in time, it is too late to explain everything in detail again. Many books have been written over the last 30 years and have given information to awaken as many people as possible to the Ascension event. There will be others who want more detail. There are no more details to give as this type of event has never happened on Earth before. This Dimensional Leap form the 3rd dimension into the 4th dimension, and then through it into the 5th dimension, has never happened before in this type of event and in this short of a time period. This is new and has been in the making for millions of years. That is why there are over 4 million space ships from Thousands of Galaxies and other Universes in this solar system at this time. All are here to watch this Spectacular Event Take Place. You the human Race are the center of attention in the Cosmos at this moment in time.

Over the last approximately 20 years and especially the last several months, earthquakes have been happening all over the world. Many of them were caused by HAARP and other earthquake making technology. All this has come to an end. HAARP is now neutralized and is no longer functional and other technologies have also been neutralized. For approximately the last two months, Mother Earth has intensified the process of Locking the Earths Physical Plates into place in preparation of Ascension into the 4th dimension. This work must be completed by Mother Earth before she can Ascend. You will feel ground movements in many places that have never had any type of movement before. There may also be swarms of these movements. Practically all of these movements will be called earthquakes. Know that most of these earth movements are not real earthquakes. You will also hear, moans, groans and low vibration humming coming up from the ground in many places. All of this is just Mother Earth completing her work of shifting and locking the planetary plates in place in preparation for Ascension into the 4th dimension.

Remember, the is a Trigger Point to set the Ascension into motion. The exact date that this event will happen on, is up to Mother Earth. It may happen on that day, several days later, several weeks later, or even several months or possibly even a year or more later. No one knows for sure, only Mother Earth knows. When it does happen, it will begin to happen without warning. For those looking forward to this event, Pe Patient, It Will Happen. It is Destined To Happen. For those who have no clue to what is happening, it will happen if you are ready or not.

There are many people who are just waking up at this time and are desperately seeking knowledge of this event. There is very little time left to teach and possibly no time left to teach at all. No one really knows as we approach the 11.11.11. date. If you have a Spiritually Knowledgeable friend, I encourage you to spend time with them to learn from them. Possibly spend a long evening with them. For those without connections to knowledgeable friends and who have little or no knowledge of this event and who desperately see to know, I recommend the book, Hopefully you have enough time left.

DNA In The Sands Of Time, By J. Justice
ISBN-13: 978-0-8059-8868-0
Rose Dog Books
1-800-834-1803 Or, on-line at:

Read the book to understand Ascension and combine it with this e-mail and you will be brought up to date quickly.

One item that the book does not cover specifically is the Dimensional Leap from the 3rd dimension, through the 4th and into the 5th dimension. There was speculation about this in the past. The original intent of Mother Earth was to ascend to the 4th dimension. At the beginning of 2011, Mother Earth decided to pass right through the 4th dimension and go to the 5th dimension.

Thus, the dimensional leap became known for sure and this is what is happening now. The Dimensional Leap is a Gift of Love from Mother Earth to the Human Race. It is a gift beyond the comprehension of the Human Race.

I ask that this e-mail be sent to as many of your friends as possible to explain the upcoming 11.11.11. Event, as there seems to be great confusion about it. This is what we have been Working For As Light Workers and it is about to become our New Reality. Please share this information freely.

Peace Be With You All:
Gerald & Robbie Markowski

Posted: October 26 2011.

“Another reason the Universal Laws are not being taught, is that it is not in the best interest of the Sons of Darkness. They are the ones who are working behind the scenes to take your choice and power away, so they can control your life.

Two of the most important Universal Laws are; As You Believe, So Shall It Be. This law works constantly in our lives, minute by minute, day by day. Whatever we believe will eventually happen, good or bad. Look at your thoughts very carefully to see what is constantly on your mind. This is how we create our future.

The other Universal Law is; Whatever You Create, You Will Experience. We create by our thoughts, by our beliefs and by our actions. Think what happens when your thoughts, beliefs or actions run wild. They will eventually become your future. Not a very pretty picture is it?

There are other Universal Laws and we will briefly name them and give a brief description of what they pertain to; How many are you familiar with?

Law of Action- We create our life or manifest something by thinking it, acting it, believing it, and speaking it. These four actions must be balanced together as one.

Law of Attraction- Like vibrations attract like vibrations. High vibrations attract high vibrations and low vibrations attract low vibrations. Love attracts Love. Fear attracts Fear.

Law of Changing of Energy- Thoughts are energy, we change energy by changing our thoughts and by controlling our thoughts, our actions, our beliefs and our words.

Law of Consequences- All actions are choices, every single action we do, has a consequence, for good or bad, that results from a previous action. We create lifes daily events, by every single action we do. There are no accidents in our life or in the universe. Our life is the result of our continuous, minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day actions.

Law of Compensation- As we give to others, so will it be given to us. The expression; What goes around comes around, applies to the law of compensation and the law of consequences.

Law of Gender- Balance of yin and yang, balance of masculine and feminine energies, balance of positive and negative. The Creative force of the universe is the balance of these opposites.

Law of Harmony- All laws in the universes affect each other and all laws are in harmony with each other.

Law of Love- To allow All life forms and All things to exist in harmony, in All of creation. The law of Love is the fabric of the Cosmos and the glue that holds everything together.

Law of One- We are All One, we are All part of One Energy, we are All of One Mind, we are All from One Source. The Infinite Mind, The Prime Creator, The Source Of All That Is.

Law of Polarity- Everything has an opposite with varying degrees between these opposites.

Law of Balance- A state of balance where everything is dependent on everything else. Nothing is absolute.

Law of Rhythm- Universe operates in cycles or a rhythm, like the continuous rising and falling of the ocean tides. Like the rising and setting of the sun. It affects everything in the universe.

Law of Vibration- Higher vibrations consume lower vibrations. Love and Compassion (high vibrations), consume fear, anger, hate, revenge, judgement, etc. (low vibrations).”

– DNA in the Sands of Time.


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