The Allegiance Ritual.

Take a day out for yourself…
Go be with nature… by a waterfall, a forest, bush-walking, a secluded beach.. a mountain or hillside… anywhere away from the hustle-bustle of civilization. Anywhere in nature…

Just make sure you are secluded… in true solitude…

Perform a Grounding Meditation (example below)… the grounding meditation will make you very aware of your entire body, and alert to what is happening around you…

Recognize the moments of deep silence around you…
Hear the birds
hear the trees, the leaves
the sounds
hear them intensely
hear their music
on this day

And when it feels right… you will know when the moment arrives…

Tell yourself with absolute intensity, so that it penetrates the very pores of your being… down to the depth of your soul… so that it reverberates through every cell in your body…

Speak these words calmly, softly… not forcefully…
Peacefully, but with intense recognition of what you are saying…

You tell yourself, and the Universe –

“From this moment, I pay alliegience to Truth and none else.”

Say it so three times… letting it sink in…

Be very aware of this moment – this moment is eternal, everlasting. There is nothing else save for this moment.

These should be the FIRST WORDS uttered from your lips since you arrived at nature… perhaps (if you can manage it) the very first words uttered from your lips on this day…

That is how much THIS should mean to you ABOVE all else…
That you are willing to forgo everything else for the sake of truth.

And from that moment on, willfully make more choices towards truth…
Until it becomes more and more and more frequent…

This will work for you.

This is the method of increasing in intensity for what is your deepest desire. For those who get sidetracked easily in life, and want to be able to be more consistent with their passion for truth, this moment of willful INTENTION of what is most important to you, has profound effect.

With each passing day, increase in such intensity and inspiration for that… it begins to build courage…

You have to make the willful choice for the Universe to bring its very essence to you. This is what the ritual is about.

What is a Grounding Meditation?

A good grounding meditation should leave you feeling focused, refreshed and strong in your physical body. You should feel alert and confident, not relaxed and dreamy like other techniques. Anyone with a basic knowledge of meditation should be able to write their own grounding version. The basis should involve using your imagination to become aware of every part of your body and where it meets the ground. You can begin by visualizing a gold and silver cord rising up out of your solar plexus through the roof, then the sky, the clouds and past the sun. It keeps going higher, past the stars and planets until you see a mass of white light way up ahead. It is so huge you can not see a beginning or an end. The cord is drawn to the light like a magnet, and it takes root there.

– From Source.

Earth Grounding Meditation Instructions:

 Begin this grounding meditation by standing on the Earth. Stand to your full height. Take a deep breath, hold it, then let it go. Do this again, and let it go with a gusty sigh.

Feel your feet on the ground. Notice how your weight is distributed on them: left and right, heel and ball, insides and outsides. What does the ground feel like beneath you?

Notice your breath. Imagine sending your breath down through your body, down your legs, and out through your feet, like roots growing into the Earth.

Through the moist warm topsoil with the worms and other critters, down through the bones of our ancestors, down through the bedrock, through watery underground rivers and lakes, down, down, down . . . spreading out wide as they go.

Like the roots of a tree, these tendrils keep seeking down into the heart of the Earth.

Notice that they intermingle loosely with the roots of all the others in your circle. You are woven together in the Earth, one sacred grove of priestesses [and priests], united in the Mother.

Eventually your roots begin to feel the warmth at the heart of the Earth, the fiery core of our Earth Mama.

You are grounding through your meditation deep into the Earth.

Let your roots take up residence in a wide circle, touching this heat, letting it warm them. Let the tips of your roots open, opening the channel between you and the Earth.

Now send down, with your breath, anything you want to release, to let go of, to transform. Send it down into the fiery Cauldron of the Goddess. She will transform it for you. It’s what She does. Give it to Her, and be free.

And now notice the immense pressure at the core of the Earth. That pressure will send the Earth energy up to you, when you allow your rootlets to open to it. Do so now.

Let the Earth energy flow in through your rootlets, effortlessly. Let it move up, up . . . up through the reaches of your root system. Moving up through the underground waters, up through the bedrock, up past the bones of our ancestors, up through the rich topsoil, and right up into the soles of your feet.

This fiery energy keeps rising. You need do nothing but stand there and open to it.

It rises on its own, up through your legs, filling them with energy. Up through your sex, filling your womb centre. Flowing up, up, filling your entire torso, your shoulders . . . .

The heat relaxes and energizes as it fills the muscles. It flows down the arms into the hands and right through to the fingertips. It flows up through the neck and fills your entire head with brilliant energy.

As you’re grounding, keep your meditation breathing. Feel the energy rising.

And it keeps filling you up, more and more and more, the energy field around your body suffused with this power. And still it keeps increasing until you feel full like a stretched balloon with this intense expansion of energy.

So now let it fly out through the top of your head, high into the sky, where it touches the stars and mingles with their light, spreading out like leafy branches into the sky . . .

– From Source.


~ by revolutionwithin on March 9, 2012.

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