Occupy Energy Movement.

I think the Occupy Wall-Street and other “places” movement is striking at shadows.

Let me explain:

Us being aware of what is going on is their weakness.
Us being unaware of what is going on is their strength.

As long as people believe that it’s all just people stumbling along, corporations stumbling along, governments stumbling along… everyone means well, are generally ignorant, but are trying to make the best of things and sometimes get greedy and create dysfunctional systems (by the way, this is the majority world paradigm about what people think is happening)… as long as people believe this, they are subjected to slavery.

People think – as a world paradigm – that there is no such thing as free energy. How could there be? If the government or scientists found it, we would be using it by now.


Well, an Occupy Energy movement strikes at the heart of the issue.

Strikes at the heart of the weakness of the people in power.

FREE ENERGY means open-space, means that entropy is no longer a factor. You need entropy in order to control, in order to have world-domination.

In other words – you need a world paradigm strictly based on SCARCITY in order to control and enslave people.

Now, a few scientists here and there have discovered free energy here and there, most of us don’t know a thing about it because they were all shut down.

An Occupy Energy Movement would be a mass-movement – an independent media documented movement – of people all over the world (engineers, etc) using the principles to create free-energy. We shouldn’t have just a couple of people. We should have thousands. And each of them should video document their progress and make it freely available!

Now, when the forces in power try to silence this – try to shut it down – even kill, to keep things quiet (and you simply can’t keep something that big quiet – Gandhi proved this), then the world will come to see one thing very clearly:

1. There IS such a thing as Free Energy.
2. SomeBODY is trying to stop it!

This opens them up for a paradigm shift.

See the film, Thrive:

I feel the other critical factor involved here is public perception. It generally does not make sense to people to see a movement attacking banks and stockmarkets. As far as they know, banks are safehouses to store their money – ‘why would people protest against that?’

The issue is simply muddled up, so the protesters are not getting wide public support, which is why the sudden arresting of freedom of speech is not being questioned. The Occupy Protesters look like hooligans, rather than someone concerned for society.

The same thing will happen with the Occupy Energy movement – people at large will not put two and two together.

This is what happened with the difference between the Vietnam War and the Gulf War. During the Vietnam War quite a bit of footage was broadcast that showed the people suffering because of the war, the deaths – and most importantly – it put faces to the death tolls. This is what lead to the mass movement and protests with strong public support.

But during the Gulf War the Forces-that-be learnt their lesson. This time all you really got to see was some unremarkable aerial footage of buildings and lights shooting down from the sky. It allowed the public to completely disconnect from the humanitarian perspective of the issue.

I feel the best way to carry out such a movement is to create Free-Energy mechanisms and independently document using such free-energy to help people in terrible situations around the world… slums, ghettos, any other community desperately in need of energy.

We need to put faces to the people in need, and HOW Free-energy is helping them. Then when we document such an endeavor being stopped by the Government (or the Elite that control the government), that will actually be something TANGIBLE for public perception.

The Occupy movement is largely based on fighting ‘AGAINST’ something. “We don’t want this, we don’t want this…” which leads to – then what do you want? A Free-Energy movement on the other hand, is about “this is what we are fighting for!”

This is based on the same principle as when Gandhi decided to go and make salt… that salt comes from the Indian Ocean and is every Indian’s right to have it for free – it was a symbolic statement; “Man needs salt, as he needs air and water.”

Same way – “Man needs energy – and free energy DOES exist. They have been lying to you.”

Nothing can shake the foundations of the public who are strongly ‘materialistic’ as much as this can – because Free-Energy connects to them on a material level too.

From scarcity to abundance.

If we make these free-energy machines public during the Occupy Protests receiving wide media attention, what this will lead to, I suspect, is the government responding by claiming these energy systems are patented and it’s a violation of intellectual property to freely produce these energy systems.

This will enable us to fight the utter nonsensical nature of intellectual property. Intellectual property is one of the great damnations of our current society and it is out of sync with the way in which intelligence functions as a collective consciousness.

However, presenting Free-Energy machines at the Occupy Protests would only be a first step to get media attention.

It is incredibly important to show these Free-Energy machines being used to alleviate suffering around the world – we must appeal to the humanitarian in the world at large in order to provoke a truly substantial movement.

~ by revolutionwithin on November 23, 2011.

One Response to “Occupy Energy Movement.”

  1. Well said, I’m looking forward to free-energy in the future 🙂

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