Does Communism Exist? – Leninism and Fabianism.

Summary of Leninism & Fabianism…

Collectivism is the concept that government is the solution to most of our problems. A collectivist is a person who believes that solutions come through government action and through coercion using laws. Sacrifice individuals or minorities for the greater good of society.

Collectivism exists today in two forms: Leninism and Fabianism.

Marxists are idealists. Theoreticians. Marx’s theories of Communism were, “Workers of the world unite, throw off the chains of your Capitalist exploiters. Recapture control of the means of production. Unite against war and racism. From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

But no openly Communist country in history was ever taken control of by Marxists. They were taken over by Leninists.

Leninists are leadership and organisation orientated. Activists. The ones that go out and make it happen. They believe in Lenin’s ideas – that we must have organisation, structure, discipline, communication, training, leadership. He created a fighting force.

It was this fighting force that took over countries. Lenin taught that Communism is a vision for the future (when mankind is perfected and the state would wither away) – instead he was establishing what he called Socialist Republics.

Lenin said, “Before anything, do whatever you must do to achieve and maintain power. If you come to power, then you can afford debate, because you can shoot anybody who disagrees with you.” Lenin used Marxist ideas as a front, a marketing ploy to inspire the public.

Lenin used Art of War’s strategy of feigned retreat in politics by appearing defeated to the Capitalists, louring them with ideas of free-market. Once they have built up their infrastructure and industry again, they return to their old premise of hating Capitalism.

They’ve done this over and over again in history, and when you see a piece on the news declaring, ‘Break up of communism,’ it just means they’re at it again.

Lenin sent communists into non-communist countries under the pretense of being strongly anti-communist. They purposefully formed anti-communist organisational fronts to lead an opposition as social democrats. All for the consolidation of power.

Social democrats talk about open markets and freedom of speech, but the police state doesn’t change.

The branch of communism that is perhaps the least known in the western world is Fabianism.

The Roman general named Quintus Fabius was famous in history for defeating his enemies by wearing them down with delay tactics and refusing to make a frontal engagement. His name was chosen symbolically.

Fabians objected to Leninists, “You’re trying to create a new world order through force and violence and quick revolution. That’s the wrong way. The proper way is patient gradualism. We will INFILTRATE our enemy’s system, their institutions, corporations, and we’ll gradually convert the world to international socialism (also collectivism) in that fashion.”

Dragging it out? Sounds like Congress.

The symbol for the Fabians is the turtle – slowly but surely. Operating in stealth mode, under the radar.

But both Fabianists and Leninists agree on collectivism – New world order needs strength, military, money. All they are fighting about is who is going to have the best jobs in that World Order. Who is going to have the power.

Fabians are the bigger threat because they specialize in countries which have developed parliamentary systems. Where people are used to voting in their own “dictators.”

But Leninists seem to specialize in countries where Self-rule is not expected. Third world countries, for instance, where people are used to dictatorships.

These are the two factions that dominate the world today. Communism doesn’t really exist.

This is a summary of this video link .When I heard Edward Griffin put forth his views, it seemed quite sensible and objective. He seemed to understand that free-speech is a very good thing, true human freedom is a good thing, but was against One-World-Order kind of thinking.

This is the website of Edward Griffin, who provided this summary:

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