“…You will learn in spite of yourself; that’s the rule.” – Don Juan Matus. 

The primary intention of this blog, and why I created it, is to question the certainty of society, because that certainty is the cause of great ignorance. On the other hand, people are of the opinion of that if they read a lot and amass information they have somehow credited themselves with a right to certainty – this might be hard to bear, but that is as great an ignorance. You simply have more in your head, that’s all – and none of it is certain.

“Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd.” – Francois Voltaire.

This is why you will see post after post of the seemingly contradicting. That is intentional, and it is only a contradiction if you see it at face value, or you assume that I don’t know what I am talking about – but you have no right to make that assumption – first understand where I am coming from.

“The Truth can only ever be told in the contradictions… or in silence.” – Osho.

In the light of uncertainty, here are links to key questions, that, if you are paying any real attention, should get you to ask yourself the most important question of all –

“Sit down, shut up and ask yourself, “What’s true?” until you know.” – Jed McKenna.

Each of these links say the same thing – they just put it differently; to agree with one and not another is just another form of ignorance. Agreeing is overrated. Better to understand. To like one over the other is just a matter of personal preference, but, you have to recognize this at some point – personal preferences don’t mean much.

So, this selection of links is particularly for the guys and gals interested in the heart of why a true revolution begins within you. They have invoked me to be courageous in my choices – perhaps they may help you too.

Our Deepest Fear.



The Question.

Sitting Still.

Two Roads.

Knowing Without Thinking.



Students of Words.

There is No Need for Philosophy.

If You Wish to See the Truth…

Introvert Disorder.




Are the Mystics Insane?

Only the Kind of Books…

Jump Off a Cliff…

The Cave.

Truth Exists.

What is Madness?

I Am.


Liberation from the Self.

Pinch Me.


A Religious Man.

When Nothing is for Sure…




Learning to See.

The Integral Vision.


The Birth of Tantra.

The Greatest Gift.


Perennial Wisdom.

It’s All Meaningless.


When Life Was Full.

Sanatana Dharma.

The Warrior Code.

Let Go.





The Body.

A Writer.

Those Who Feel Certainty…

Insight Into Oneness.

The Crazy Ones.


Sick of Lying to Myself.

The Heart Sutra.

Science & Mysticism.

The Practice of Self-Enquiry.

What Do You Know For a Fact?

Seven Self-Transforming Spiritual Books.

What is the Meaning of Life?

Let Me Put This Another Way…

The Biggest Secret of All.

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