Mission Statement.

I want to make movies that turn a whore into a virgin… but to do that I have to stay true to the whore. If I make her seem like nothing less or more… then I won’t be turning her at all… merely writing sugary words. Yes, I think all my films will be about innocence. Particularly the innocence that’s hard won, the kind that’s lost and found again.

I want to bring into question this grotesque vision society has that once your innocence is lost it is gone forever. And to truly question that, I have to stay true to that grotesque darkness. To leap into that unknown, into that darkness, with no safety harness, not knowing if I will even survive… until somehow, inevitably, impossibly, I see that that darkness is also the light.

A kind of filmmaking that requires the sacrifice of my own soul. I think innocence is the key… to humanity’s salvation.

~ by revolutionwithin on October 26, 2010.

3 Responses to “Mission Statement.”

  1. interesting thought – can innocence return? Probably not, I think! But an innocence live on through all experiences to survive in the beyond.. perhaps yes… wow. I don’t know if I qualify to make such a profound statement… What I mean I think is innocence is not what someone else labels you with, it’s innate so can never be touched …

  2. I highly recommend two films which are examples of what I mean about “lost and found” innocence. These films don’t cop out, don’t try to resort to formula, and respects that the grittiness of reality makes seeing through one’s darkness practically impossible at times. Yet they are not damp or dark films – quite the opposite, they are the most inspirational kind of films you can find – because they don’t try to be “sugary” or self-delusional. In being true to themselves, in never betraying the characters, they find themselves again – both the makers as well as the audience.

    “Five Minutes of Heaven”

    & “The Lives of Others”

  3. I looked up the two trailers. Will watch them thanks.

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