Let Go.

Listen to me very carefully. Your problem has always been that you were too reluctant to consider new ideas, to put yourself in other people’s shoes, to ponder the life of a character entirely different to you. So, it was unavoidable that your journey came to this standstill, as honest living always comes up against walls that you have to break through, and those walls exist to make you question your own prejudice.

Life does it to everyone.

No matter what ideology you try to follow, if it is too contrived it cannot function. Life always puts people in situations that shatters their ideology… situations where they either have to stop holding on so hard – or perish. That is what death is all about.

Talking to others in order to reinforce your beliefs isn’t going to help so much at this point, as it will not be giving you solace. You hold several prejudices that you simply need to drop.

We’re coming to a shift in the world, where this lack of consideration that people have for each other simply will not do anymore. We’re coming to a tipping point… what the Revelations in the bible call Armageddon, which has been so widely misunderstood. Even there it says that only 100,000 people will survive Armageddon. Very few people strive to understand what that means.

Every single one of us are going to face a choice. The very same choice. Either to let the Universe work through us… or to perish.

And no amount of ideological bullshit is going to make a difference. Even now you can ask yourself, honestly – for once in your life – what has all your ideology done for you?

Absolutely nothing.

When you can be honest enough to admit that, then, you can find peace.

Every single segregation in Christianity, in Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism… every segregation is going to disappear, because the people who live life according to what makes them ‘different’ just can’t last in the new age. Only those who care about what makes us ‘similar’, will live on, and love on.

If that simple piece of emancipating clarity does not strike your core, then you will not find peace.

~ by revolutionwithin on October 24, 2010.

One Response to “Let Go.”

  1. *smiles* Nice one. it reminded me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3Cg1wxgX6M

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