Positive Thinking Makes You Crazy.

The reason these positive thinking people have lost depth to their life is that they have become frivolous by focusing their attention on only what is convenient for them, which they call positive. They want everything quick, quick, quick quick (snaps fingers). There is no dedication to anything. Suppose somebody has to become a scientist. He has to study for years, isn’t it? Maybe he will forget his wife, his children, his nonsense; he forgets everything and gives himself. Only then something opens up for him, even on the physical plane.

If these things have to open up for you, it needs enormous force. That steady focus is not there in the modern world, because somebody is going about teaching all the time, “Don’t worry, be happy; just enjoy yourself! Enjoy yourself! Everything is fine; be happy! Laugh! Ha! Ha! Ha!” People just become frivolous and that kind of happiness will crash. One day it will crash. They’ll go into mentally sick situations. One big thing that I see that is happening in the West especially is, “Be happy, be happy, live in the moment, live in the moment.” Everybody will quote, “Live in the moment,” because books have been written about it, all the programs have talked about it, without understanding, especially without experiencing what it is. Everybody is saying, “I am happy; I am always happy. I am always laughing.” You watch those people. They moment they start this ‘I am happy, I am happy’ business, depending upon their lifestyles, within five or six years they’ll come to a depressed state. One day, it will hit you very deeply, because your energies, according to your karmic structure, are apportioned for different possibilities. There’s something for your pain. There’s something for your grief. There’s something for your joy. There’s something for your love. This is prarabdha karma. It is not just in your mind, because the data is like that; the energy is flowing in those directions. If those things don’t find expression, if you deny them, they will take root in a completely different way.

Accepting is so important because accepting means you simply see everything the way it is. You don’t deny anything. If grief comes, grief. Sadness comes, sadness. Joy comes, joy. Ecstasy comes, ecstasy. When you do this, you’re not denying anything; at the same time, everything is happening, but you are free from it. You’re not trying to stop anything; but if you just say, “I am happy, I am happy, I am happy,” this positive thinking – do you see that all those positive-thinking people went crazy? Most people who promoted all this went mad. They committed suicide. The ‘Don’t worry, be happy’ people have committed suicide! It’s bound to happen, because energy is apportioned to your prarabdha karma in different ways. Karma is data. According to this data, your energy is functioning. If you deny it, it will take root in some other way. It will find expression in some other way.


~ by revolutionwithin on October 22, 2010.

One Response to “Positive Thinking Makes You Crazy.”

  1. Very beautiful, very true. I am so glad someone is speaking with this man’s CLARITY. I love it.

    I like that this thinking is so pervasive that the reference to “positive thinking” made the following ad by google appear at the bottom of your entry:

    “The Miracle” Video
    Manifest Total Abundance, Perfect Health, Love, & Life Purpose.

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