Insight Into Oneness.

Avalon: One of the themes that’s growing now in my book… is how my initiation into spirituality begins with me feeling the entire Universe within me… within my every single cell, and realizing the oneness. So, in essence, to surrender to my heart, is the same as surrendering to any cell in the Universe. The centre of the Universe, the heart of the Universe, lies within EVERY CELL of the Universe. That is not figurative, it is the source of all miracles. All our hearts are the same. Because our silence is the same. To surrender onto a teacher’s heart is to surrender onto my own… and that is actually what makes a Guru/disciple principle work!

Brightlight: Wow.

Avalon: The heart’s voice is silent.

Brightlight: Our hearts are One, as silence is universal. Surrender to the teacher’s heart is to surrender to my own. We are each Guru and Disciple to ourselves.

Avalon: In that silence we know we are all one.

Brightlight: That is one beautiful thought. I guess it’s funny because I think so much of the time about this very subject, how to follow my heart… and I think so much about things you’ve said. The thing about how the heart speaks without words is one I consider very often… that it almost feels to me like you and I are always chatting about this topic. After all, it is in my mind most of the time, and when you and I talk, yes it absolutely comes to the forefront…

Avalon: But the theme that is so far an uncut diamond, waiting to glimmer, is the insight into oneness.

Brightlight: I see….. okay, yes, within the heart is the oneness….

Avalon: Hmm… well… that’s not quite what I am saying. You have to not think of it metaphorically. This is something – on a rare occasion – that you have to see literally.

Brightlight: How do you mean?

Avalon: The centre of the Universe… the heart of the Universe… lies within every cell of the Universe. That is not figurative.

Brightlight: Okay…. I see. Literally I understand this. It’s a 4D sphere, so any point IS precisely the center.

Avalon: Now… imagine… that each of that is your heart. Each ‘centre’ of the Universe is your heart, and yet it is not. I mean, it is strange that it is not… it is more strange that it is not, than it is strange that it isn’t. In fact… to see each ‘center’ as your heart is not strange at all… it is radiantly familiar.

Brightlight: It’s odd when I place myself in that… It borders on casually familiar to think of each possible center as my heart. I think I get what you mean that it’s more strange to not think of it that way.

Avalon: Now imagine… that you are the one speaking inside the heart of the person with you now… and the people on your street… in the city… in each of their hearts… it is YOU speaking. Until you see that in every cell of the universe.. within its heart… it is you speaking. But you are not speaking at all. But you are speaking. And no, they are ‘also’ not speaking inside you. That’s not happening at all. It’s just you. That’s all. I am not speaking inside you. It’s you, speaking in my heart.

Brightlight: Then I am God.

Avalon: No.

Brightlight: No?

Avalon: A student asks a teacher, “do I have buddha-consciousness?” Teacher says no. Student says, “but you said even rocks have buddha consciousness.” Teacher says, yes, they do. Student says, “and animals, plants… buildings… everything… other people… you said have buddha consciousness.” Teacher says, “yes.” “Then how come I don’t?” asks the student. Teacher replies, “Not right now you don’t.” Not when you ask the question. You are God when you don’t think you are God. What I mean is…

Brightlight: Okay, makes sense. Reminds me of the story of the man who was aware of being one with the whole universe… said, “Wow, I get it.” Then realized that he was only a grain of sand as soon as the ‘I’ showed up…

Avalon: You felt the spark of what I was talking about… when you – at some point – could literally taste it.. experience it…. YOUR VOICE ACTUALLY INSIDE EVERYONE’S HEART. It wasn’t difficult at all.

Brightlight: Sure.

Avalon: That is SOO not God! Do you feel it? What I am saying?

Brightlight: Yes, I get what you mean….

Avalon: I am simultaneously not speaking inside you… It’s not like you are doing it and I am doing it too… If it was anything like that… then we could start talking about Godhood. It’s not like you are doing it and I am doing it too… because your voice is my voice.

Brightlight: But wait…. wait…. the pure unity of everything like that does seem like it is God. The heart of the universe, the center of everything.

Avalon: Only cerebrally… only in imagination. When I feel this, it doesn’t feel like God at all.

Brightlight: But you said it’s the source of all miracles.

Avalon: I actually feel like I understand what Buddha meant when he said don’t worry about Gods… he too could perform miracles. How do I put this… Ok… I want you to be very objective here. Very honest with yourself. I want you to feel God. You know, the God you felt in church.

Brightlight: I think I understand what you mean…. it doesn’t feel like I’m all powerful or anything, but when I start feeling like I’m one with all the people talking through them… I don’t know where God is.

Avalon: Right. That’s very close.

Brightlight: I don’t know if the God I felt in church was God or just how I would imagine the Jewish God.

Avalon: Either way… what I am saying is… the God you felt… feels nothing like this. Maybe this is what Buddhism is!?!

Brightlight: Yes, but would this also apply to God? My heart is also the center of God’s heart? The only reason I brought this up is everything gets really… just me… not that I feel omnipotent, just I cannot see any other God.

Avalon: Yes you not only can’t see any other God, you also kind of stop seeing you… when everyone is you.

Brightlight: Yes. This is true.

Avalon: Hmm, remember when I was telling you about that ‘Don’t say No’ workshop, where they got people to imagine God in each other… and all I could think of was how Krishna was inside all of us. You know… but this is something else entirely. There is no Krishna.

Brightlight: Yes! This does not feel like some sense of God being in all of us, I agree…

Avalon: Right. That’s what I mean. This is Truth, not God. Maybe this is what they mean by Brahman, the unborn, the unnameable! Yes! Maybe this is it!

Brightlight: To be very honest, it feels simultaneously familiar, a little lonely, and I think if I go there and stay there awhile, I will need time to adjust. Like everything in Buddhism, it is unexpected…

Avalon: And when you stop seeing you… it stops being lonely, and becomes the very opposite. The ultimate state of intimacy. Loneliness is only possible when there is a you to pity.

Brightlight: Hmmmm, I almost said I find this frightening, because when I go there in my awareness, full on, I get that sense as well…. and it is a little frightening.

Avalon: Why is it frightening? It’s so beautiful… so damn beautiful.

Brightlight: It is just my initial reaction. As I said, things in Buddhism tend to be so unexpected, and this one shakes me… Actually, I think it is a tendency; a defense mechanism. When I go back to the original point, to go there with my heart being the center of everything… then to place my heart in others’ hearts… to hear me speaking to me in them. It is more peaceably entreated.

Avalon: I think this came at the right time. Something is here, clarifying this energy for us. We are being helped. Yes, I can see my ‘I’ so clearly! I never tried it like this before… Well… not consciously.

Brightlight: My defense mechanism is literally to try and take my head there instead of my heart, and it gets hard to do and terrifying — or lonely…

Avalon: Hmm… Why not just bathe in it? With the same thoughtlessness as taking a hot bath? Where your head doesn’t get in the way…

Brightlight: Okay, I am going to take a short walk and do this as you say… this will let me let go and bathe in it more…. more thoughtlessly and easily. I have too many distractions at the moment.

Avalon: Great idea. You can practice it on every single thing you see!

Brightlight: Yes.

Avalon: It’s invigorating! The ‘I’ just keeps disappearing! It’s pure joy! The opposite of lonely. I think you are about to pass a threshold. A block… the illusion of loneliness.


(The whole remains whole, even when something is taken out of it; what is taken out of the whole is also whole. And when the whole is taken out of the whole, the whole still remains whole.)

~ by revolutionwithin on October 22, 2010.

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