The Ten Perfections.

The Ten Perfections are the boat that one uses to attain enlightenment, were one of those perfections not mastered, the boat would sink, and enlightenment would be impossible. The following is the account of the countless lives through which, for the benefit of sentient-kind, Gotama mastered the ten qualities required for Buddhahood.

The Birth of Intent for Buddhahood.

First Perfection: Generosity.

Second Perfection: Morality (Virtue).

Third Perfection: Renunciation.

Fourth Perfection: Wisdom.

Fifth Perfection: Courage (Effort/Energy).

Sixth Perfection: Patience.

Seventh Perfection: Truth.

Eighth Perfection: Determination.

Ninth Perfection: Loving-Kindness.

Tenth Perfection: Equanimity.

Further Reading: Ten Perfections Study Guide and The Lineage of the Buddha.

~ by revolutionwithin on April 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Ten Perfections.”

  1. If I had these always I would love myself…

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