Faith: It's Not About the Teacher…

This is a story of Milarepa the famous Tibetan sage and founder of Lamaism. The story goes that Milarepa had a teacher before he met his Guru Marpa. He accepted the tutelage of Milarepa but his other disciples were jealous of Milarepa for his magnetic personality. So they went to the Guru and said, Master, ask for total obedience from this man as he thinks he is bigger than even you. Test him.

So the story goes that the Master told Milarepa to jump off the mountain and before the Guru could finish the sentence Milarepa jumped. Sure that he was dead the disciples went down and searched for his body, but they found Milarepa under a tree happy as a clam. They could not understand how this happened, and asked him; he just said;

I did not do anything it must have been the Master that saved me. I do not know what happened.
The master was equally flabbergasted and had no idea what happened.

The jealous disciples pushed on and asked for another test. The next test was to have Milarepa go into a burning building and stay there until the whole building is burnt to crisp. Milarepa complied without any hesitation and as the building turned into ashes the disciples found him under a pile of ash, alive and unharmed.

He still could not account for the miracle. He just smiled and went on. Later the disciples pushed for a third test. This was near a deep, mountain lake in Tibet. The Guru told Milarepa to walk onto the lake and fetch the boat that was anchored there away from the shores.

He started to walk towards the boat, and to the amazement of all, he walked on the water. The master was hysterical. He, for all his knowledge, had no idea how Milarepa could do all these tricks.

The master swallowed his pride and asked him while the two were sitting alone in the boat Milarepa fetched.

Tell me Milarepa how could you walk on the lake?

Milarepa said; Master I just did it without thinking of it or the danger. I kept saying your name and had total faith that I will be protected somehow.

The Master thought to himself if this is the trick I can do this too. While repeating his own name, he stepped out of the boat to head to the shore.

He drowned.

~ by revolutionwithin on November 24, 2009.

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