Dark Night of the Soul…

Dark Night MagikThe Dark Night of the Soul: Everyone’s Journey Through One Man’s Eye…
By: Vajra Krishna.

Review: “…I felt like being reborn… no matter what else I read, what great books, the simple fact that I am sure you are real. And… the more I was reading… the more liberated I felt somehow… After reading it you can never be the same… you are joyful. And you begin to love yourself. And accept yourself. The hook is your sincerity. The need to still be there… in your fight in order to see more about myself. And while I was reading… indeed, I also realised it was about loneliness. I thought that a magikian is one who learns about himself, who discovers himself and who sees the world reflecting itself in every human being… or a Goddess in every person. But as I went on reading, I realised that you never discover yourself until you don’t see, but actually feel the world as within yourself.”

Buy a Copy Here: http://www.lulu.com/content/5242536

~ by revolutionwithin on November 4, 2009.

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