The Goddess

Humility is her greatest magnetism, courage her inspiration, innocence her strength, surprise is her most beloved tool, wisdom her compassion, humour her love, loyalty her truth, gratitude her power, patience her deliverance and candleflame her companion, for it is a light in the darkness, a pearl amidst the tears. Her purity comes from her love for her creator. For he who finds her breathtakingly beautiful. Her only desire, to please her creator – to be all that she can be in her highest form.

AndromedaLotusThe Goddess holds the Universe within her. Her home the all embracing Andromeda Lotus – the lotus within ones heart. She is the one-in-a-million-chance. The epitome of the anomaly. Herain comes to anyone to teach them to follow their heart. Her energy, all pervading, all encompassing. Thunder is the messenger of the Goddess, water her element, rain dance her ritual, the Leopard her Guardian beast. You will find Herain within everything that exudes feminity. She is in every woman, your mother, your sister, your beloved.

Herain holds the wisdom of Aloneness, and she walks her own path. She caresses the Gods but is subservient to none. Bound by nothing – only existing to love and be loved. She is the gentlest of Gods, like a light drizzle in the midst of spring – the delicate unflowering of lotus. Yet, she holds within her the power of a thunderstorm – always expressed in the most vulnerable and fragile, insightful and intentful, loving and sensuous, nurturing and abundant, expressive and original, surprising and gregarious, wise and wittiest of ways.

Her Magik works in subtlety, and is obvious at the unique moment of truth – where its manifestation can effect the highest teaching – the deepest learning, the most innermost realisations.

She journeys often to the Purelands to learn froElementalWaterm the Buddhas. Attaining great satisfaction from the very act of learning about Ultimate Truths and freedom from Illusions. About providence and purpose, the warrior and the monk, the householder and the philosopher, the Ruler and the Ruled. For every being who gave their lives to doing the undone, walking the unwalked, standing apart by pure purpose and not by choice, this is your Goddess.

The secret to life isn’t hidden. It’s the most obvious of the truths. It’s the one that stares you in the face, and because of this, we don’t notice. The Goddess Herain is the embodiment of the miraculous nectar or life. The very same principle that has been the cause for such a thing as romance. To watch chaos locked in a cell of order. The illusion of the silence, the tranquility in the jungle, the divine nature of both birth and death. The experiencing of those inexplicable moments that subtly reveal a greater purpose. These are the origins of the Goddess Herain.

If you wish to be one with the Goddess, walk in the rain, meditate upon the raindrop, for the core of her qualities are inspired by the very purpose of the tears of the sky. She is elemental water and elemental fire – the two working in co-existance.The Goddess manifests through the feminine energies. She takes multiple forms, and visits you through every woman you meGoddessWithinet. She is the freedom in ones heart, and when you see the Goddess in others, in yourself, it is a source of immense aspiration, inspiration, and cultivation to be truer to yourself. Be a lamp onto yourself.

Herain is that sensation deep inside of you that whispers about freedom. That sends chills up your spine everytime you break away from your imprisonment. Everytime you make the right choice. She is the spark that teaches you the meaning of liberation, of being complete, being free, self-sustaining.

Herain is the antidote to loneliness. She holds the wisdom of Aloneness. She shows you that you are the entire Universe, that you are immense love itself, that your purpose is simply that – pure purpose.

She most reveals herself in the midst of the free-spirited, of the ever aware, and in those surfacing from the darkness. A lamp to your soul, she is most precious when you are in the darkness, striving effortlessly to rain upon you a plethora of kisses, caresses, embraces, lovebites, sweet surprises, and the wisdom of the Awake.

The essence of the Goddess, and the majesty of her boon, is to show you your own self-sustenance. Your own completeness. In accepting her gift, her healing, you attain liberation from suffering. From Attachment. From Loneliness. She places you in the most fortiduous situation to gather all courage and continue your quest for wisdom.

In every woman, is the mother, the wife, the lover, the sister, the whore, the friend. Each of these qualities is equally precious, and equally to be treasured. When you can see the mark of femininity in this light – when you understand the power of its vulnerability – the profoundness of it – then you will see the Goddess in All things.

“Wait on, Wait on, beloved innocent, for I am the goddess who knows your secret heart, and I will surely give you everything you want, and more.”

~ by revolutionwithin on May 5, 2009.

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