Meditation for Loneliness


Imagine. I’m standing on the earth, in the centre of a breathtaking forest. I stare up at the dark night sky, the stars glimmering by moonlight. Reaching out, I jump.

And find myself flying into the sky. Rising effortlessly. Simply rising by will alone. Only a soft breeze brushing past me. I look down and see the earth below me… soon it becomes a speck.

I’m flying faster and faster, gaining speed rapidly. All I can see is the stars now, billions, trillions of them, as I pass them by, travelling on into the Infinite Universe. I pass galaxies, black holes, white holes, streams and clusters of beautiful formations.

And suddenly, nothing. I find myself in blank, black space. No stars. No planets. Nothing.

As I am wondering where everything could have gone, I notice a point of light gently approaching me. As it comes closer, I recognise it. She is the Goddess. Breathtakingly beautiful. She smiles at me with the most heartfelt, deepest love I have ever witnessed. A far greater love than I could have ever imagined. All Encompassing. I smile back.

We embrace, and I feel absolutely complete. Absolutely fulfilled. The highest contentment – most rewarding Equanimity.

She moulds into me, dissapears into me, the last I see of her is a speck of light in my heart. I look within, and I begin to realise that the whole Universe is inside of me. Everything that exists is inside of me.

And at that moment, it becomes absolutely obvious. I am all that exists. There is nothing else. We are all One. Just One. And I, am all alone. Completely. There never was anyone else. I had simply seperated myself into billions of sentients and matter and energy. But in the end, it is just me.


Surprisingly, the reality of this doesn’t frighten me. Because I begin to understand the greater purpose. I am already complete. I was never lonely. I’d always felt like something was missing, but in reality, I have never seperated. There is no one to find. There is just me. And I am nothing else but Love.

~ by revolutionwithin on May 5, 2009.

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