What is a Warrior?

There are ultimate truths… and these are the ones that, even when long forgotten, always return. Within every being is the code of the Warrior – that which makes the nature of courage a spiritual experience. That which doesn’t have to be placed in words, and yet, governs the inner battle between spirit and body. Between sincronicity and cause/effect. It is the will that captivates one to be honourable, to not strike simply because they can. The code is what teaches one on their uniquely individual journey the wisdom of discovering ones own nature. It is the key to the alchemy of the Will.

The greatest warrior is one who can stop a war before it has even begun.

Wisdom from the Art of War.

In other words;

While the sword is in its sheath, it’s doing its work. When the sword is drawn, it has already failed…


The two basic qualities of warriors are sustained effort and unbending intent.

1. Equanimity: Victory is Defeat. Defeat is Victory.

A warrior is never dissapointed with defeat, nor extatic over victory. He sees the folly of both. He laughs simply because he chooses to. Every moment is new – every moment has never happened before – every moment a celebration. Laughter is easy. It is the celebration of the moment.

The difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior is humble.

Internal strength means a sense of equanimity, almost of indifference, a feeling of being at ease, but, above all, it means a natural and profound bent for examination, for understanding. The new seers called all these traits of character sobriety.

Nothing is pending in the world, nothing is finished, yet nothing is unresolved.

2. Freedom: Emptiness is Form. Form is Emptiness.

Freedom is the ultimate goal of a Warrior. Freedom is his predilection. It’s not because he chooses freedom. It’s because he realises that freedom is what he’s wanted all along.

The only worthwhile enterprise of a Warrior is freedom. What matters to a warrior is arriving at the totality of oneself.

I’m going to utter perhaps the greatest piece of knowledge anyone can voice. Let me see what you can do with it. Do you know that at this very moment you are surrounded by eternity? And do you know that you can use that eternity, if you so desire?

3. Silence: Wisdom is Compassion. Compassion is Wisdom.

Everything is easy to a Warrior – because he walks the path of heart. And in the path of heart, one is ever attentive, one is fully aware of himself, because one is silent. In the silence, a Warrior listens.

The difficulty is our reluctance to accept the idea that knowledge can exist without words to explain it. Accepting this proposition is not as easy as saying you accept it. The whole of humanity has moved away from the abstract. It takes years for an apprentice to be able to go back to the abstract, that is, to know that knowledge and language can exist independent of each other.

We need to look with our eyes to laugh. When our eyes see, everything is so equal that nothing is funny. My laughter, as well as everything I do is real but it also is controlled folly because it is useless; it changes nothing and yet I still do it. One must always choose the path with heart in order to be at one’s best, perhaps so one can always laugh.

Once silence is attained, everything is possible. You stop talking to yourself by willing it, and thus you set a new intent, a new command.

4. Totality: Birth is Death. Death is Birth.

A jolt of beauty.

Acts have power. Especially when the person acting knows that those acts are his last battle. There is a strange consuming happiness in acting with the full knowledge that whatever one is doing may very well be one’s last act on earth. I recommend that you reconsider your life and bring your acts into that light.

The only thing that soothes those who journey into the unknown, is oblivion. What a relief to be in the ordinary world!

We living beings are perceivers. And we perceive because some emanations inside man’s cocoon become aligned with some emanations outside. Alignment, therefore, is the secret passageway, and the earth’s boost is the key.

The new seers discovered that if the assemblage point is made to shift constantly to the confines of the unknown, but is made to return to a position at the limit of the known, then when it is suddenly released it moves like lightning across the entire cocoon of man, aligning all the emanations inside the cocoon at once.

I’ve told you that the true art of a warrior is to balance terror and wonder. Power can be met only with power. The crux of sorcery is the internal dialogue; that is the key to everything. When a warrior learns to stop it, everything becomes possible; the most farfetched schemes become attainable. We are a feeling and what we call our body is a cluster of luminous fibers that have awareness. As long as you think that you are a solid body you cannot conceive what I am talking about.

Knowledge is frightening, but if a warrior accepts the frightening nature of knowledge he cancels out its awesomeness. Knowledge is a most peculiar affair, especially for a warrior. Knowledge for a warrior is something that comes at once, engulfs him, and passes on.

When we die, we die with the totality of ourselves. A sorcerer asks the question. If we’re going to die with the totality of ourselves, why not, then, live with that totality?”

Wisdom of Don Juan Matus, Yaqui Shaman.

~ by revolutionwithin on May 4, 2009.

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