Science is perhaps the most dangerously misunderstood of all beliefs. Precisely because it is the only belief structure that has effectively convinced the world it is “factual”. Yet when one researches to the basics of what makes science what it is, we find that it begins with a set of Axioms (presupposed theories). Like in the story of the philosopher who concludes that since all he has seen thus far are white swans, all swans must be white, science works in the same way. And this conclusion shall eventually become fact and remain a “fact” until someone sees a black swan. It is in this way that the Earth changed from being factually flat, to spherical. Yet, once we grasp this, our respect for science only grows; for when we understand its limitations, we have a greater understanding of its capabilities. Why? Because we no longer are controlled by our findings – for none are facts, but simply steps on a discovery that never ceases. For inevitably believing in science, and in the order of things, is a faithful proclamation towards the existence of Godhood.

“Strictly speaking, no hypothesis or theory can ever be proven. It can only be disproven. When we say we believe in a theory, what we really mean is that we are unable to show that the theory is wrong – not that we are able to show, beyond doubt, that the theory is right.” – Gerhard Robbins, Physicist.

Science is the craft of pattern recognition. The only problem with science is the tendancy to make it into an elitist mechanism. Science is a synthesis of the real and the unreal, as well as what is sometimes purposefully overlooked; an emotional journey. The emotional significance of science is overlooked because to even admit so is to render science as subjective – yet this is unmistakable.

Most of all – one must understand that “hard science” is more about a social hierarchy within the science world than about truth. Do some research on the falsification of Science. Read Kuhn’s “What is this thing called Science.”

~ by revolutionwithin on May 4, 2009.

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