Some Favourite Ilaiyaraja Songs

One of my absolute favourite IR songs is Vizhiyil Vizhundu from Alaihal Oivathilai.

It seems to capture intense love coupled with a frolicking childhood passing… a yearning to meet ones love – consistent throughout every moment of life…

And yes, there are many songs that strike the same theme, but here is where the melody comes in. I mean, of the many love songs that may be focused on one particular theme, why does one love one song in particular, and another love another? Is it a preference, an opinion, of raga?

I seem to find in this song great emancipation that comes from love – so simply put… but the melody sends chills down my spine.

It has a similar vibration for me, to Chinangiru Vaiyathil from Meendum Gokila. Yet the two songs are immensely different… but it touches the same part of my soul.

I don’t know why. I’d love to find out more.

The two female energies of the two songs sing like they could die for the one they love… give themselves completely… they don’t need to say it in their words.. they say it in the melody… that’s the part that gets me. In Chinangiru Vaiyathil, Illayaraja completely captures the quality of womanhood – of femininity. And the two male energies.. like a pillar almost.. completely sure of themselves, no need to assert their love – simply their presence.. to lay a foundation of a path… this very same emotion is also explored in Senthura Poove from 16 Vayathinile…

lol* I’m just thinking out loud here.. trying to figure out why I love these two songs. Then there is Pothi Vaicha Maligai Mottu from Man Vasanai.. another absolute favourite that falls in the same category of the other two songs for me.

The interesting part is, some of you may mention songs that you find to be absolutely wonderful for you – that describe these same themes and touches you deeply, and it may be possible that I don’t think much of those songs. The question is, why IS that? Does music in the end simply come down to opinion?

But the masterstroke of Vizhiyil Vizhundu is the use of silence right before the end of the song.. woa.. breathtaking.


~ by revolutionwithin on March 31, 2009.

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