Wisdom of the Wave

“Be in the world, yet not of it.
Show them the way by your own thirst being quenched.
Stillness is the key that unlocks the truth,
the key is within so do not search for it,
let it unlock the shackles that bind you to the riddle,
there is no riddle that cannot be solved,
but until you know that there is no riddle forever shall you search.

Know that the truth of all is not a riddle but
simply masked by the noise of your mind,
go beyond the noise to the Wave and it is
there in the stillness waiting patiently just for you…

The fire within you is but a spark when
compared to the fire that glows within the Wave,
yes your spark is small in comparison,
but there is no comparison,
without your spark,
the wave would be no more,
yet never shall it cease to exist for never was it born,
understand this and the riddle is solved.

As are the ants on a hill constantly working,
so too are the workings of your busy thoughts,
allow them to work yet not against you,
allow them to build so that you may awake,
then tumble the hill for it surely must fall,
but first so shall it be built,
that is its purpose and the reason you wander,
let the hill show you what you are not.

Play the game but do not attempt to understand it,
it cannot be understood, this is the great truth.
Insanity is necessary, it is here for a reason,
be not afraid of it, but rather recognise its role,
then look beyond its purpose.
Once this is done never again shall you
fear anything in the world of the flesh,
for once you open your eyes,
never again shall it be necessary to bask in the darkness,
you will love the darkness, but no longer need it,
it is there always, beautiful, mysterious,
yet from the darkness comes the eternal truth of the riddle,
be this truth,
and then shall you rejoice and be as a child again.

Let the bird fly where it wishes without your permission,
for permission is not yours to give despite what your fearful mind may say.
The one who sees all is but a flicker away,
and closer still, do you not know of whom I speak?
Do you not muse in fooling yourself?
Do you not laugh at your own foolish ways?
Know what this means and the game is no more,
yet never shall it end.

You are the light that bears light onto itself
and never can your light go dim.
Therefore release your suffering and bask in this wisdom,
and when it is done your laughter
shall reach the heavens as you remember the truth,
I say then shall you beg for more.
Wake and see where you have hidden yourself.
Be kind to those who are fast asleep for
it was they who woke you before.
Real is your prison yet you hold the key,
can you not see the sky from your cell?
Therefore do not seek to open the lock for
now shall you know it is not real.

Only if you were blind the day before
can it be considered a miracle.
You cannot seek out the light
for it cannot be found with the mind,
nor can it be found with the heart,
it can only be found within.”

– Wisdom of the Wave.

~ by revolutionwithin on March 27, 2009.

One Response to “Wisdom of the Wave”

  1. i liked this poem. very deep.

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