Magik was never about a scrupulous mysticism – it never stood in strange separation from daily activity, as if you could lock it in a ritual room, visited in imperious moments to provoke a Will to manifest. Magik was never about a complaisant scientific experiment guarded carefully as a wish-fulfilling jewel. You cannot lock it away as a tool, a means to an end. And this is why there are numerous texts prophesying Magikal arts that have only amounted to interesting reading. And the few occult works with finagled promise of a supreme power takes the form of a nonchalant insanity. Magik, to date, in the vast mass of civilization, remains a theoretical notion, a patronisingly treacherous entertainment, because those who speak about it are stuck purely at speech. And the reason for this is simple: Magik is misunderstood. By boxing it into an art of concentrated will, into a numinous collection of ancient words that unlock hidden doors, by making it into a mutated empowerment, the realm of Magik has been infiltrated with half-lies upon half-lies. We have treated Magik like a potion – a concoction; take a swig and transform into that which you delectably desire. Did you seriously think you could plaster a plaque announcing your Mastership in Magikal Arts, and consider yourself credible? And now, we exist in a world that does not see Magik anywhere. Except for fleeting moments within yourselves that you rapidly disregard though it haunts you forever.

This, then, is the correction of this colossal misrepresentation. The task here is not to salvage Magik back to its glory; it was the glory that destroyed it. The task, rather, is to return it to its original state: a state of humility. Creation itself is Magik. Even more poignantly, the Spirit that forms the whole of Spirituality – is Magik. For too long has this phenomenon been separated wrongfully into two different things. The Mindfulness that induces miraculous feats from the Yogis, the sanctity of the Gnostics, the battleground of the Shaman, the Nowness of the New-Ager, the radiance of the Muslim, the stillness of the Buddhists, the transcendence of Rastafarians, the healing touch of Reiki, the chanting of the Pagan, and the prayer of the Christian – all cause for Spiritual Peace, is a gift of Magik. The importance of integrating Spirit and Magik as one is unmistakable now. This intent of dissolving differences is fundamental to the spiritual process – it is in line with the everlasting Tantric law: separating and comparing the truth that underlies all forms is the cause for suffering. It is the cause of loneliness. This is why Tantra bids you to integrate. Yet the integration is but the first step towards the panorama of the Magikal.

A Magikian is a wielder of elements. An invoker of miracles. Thus far, this divinely human mastery has been regarded as elite, as accessible to only those with innate supernatural power. Yet, when the inner Spirit, and Magik, are shown to be one and the same, it bids the question; who among us is not latently supernatural? In such an undertaking unravels your transformation into a wielder; not withstanding a potent array of trials littered across your journey. Ordinary, everyday trials: Doubt. Scepticism. Laziness. Boredom. Restlessness. Confusion. These are the hardest of them all, are they not? How else will every single person, be it of any age, race or vocation, understand on an unconsciously seeded depth that they too are Magik itself in manifestation. These trials account not only the triumphs or the realisations, but the failures and the great distrust of the common man upon his own vitality. But most importantly, they reveals the nature of free-will.

Most people are only in desire of peace of mind. Contentment. Yet how will traversing calmness ever be available to them as long as they remain ignorant of their own nature? This is everyone’s journey through one man’s eye. Presented with breathtaking intensity. The yogis undertake the spiritual road in order to be enmeshed with the all-pervading love of one consciousness. Along with their goal, comes a divinity, which they begin to recognise as a true identity that was unlocked. This same fate – or destiny – meets all who remain steadfast on the discovery of the Spirit. Yet why have they seemed so out of reach to the common man? Why do we look upon them as if they are somewhere we could never be? Perhaps this is because their transformation was never recorded – never shared. But everyone would find at least a trace of themselves – their own fears – within mine. And they will watch it disappear. If this fails to be a source of inspiration, all it would render is to denounce Spirituality as a grave lie. But only if I give up. And which human has ever truly given up? This is why you are Spirit. This is why you are Magik.

What is Magik? Magik is the 90% of the brain that we don’t use. Reality is the other 10 percent. Magik is what’s in a child’s eye when he sees snow for the first time. Magik is what’s in an animal’s eye when it first begins to play with the others. It’s what’s in the eyes of two lovers when they exchange wedding vows. Magik is what clears all normality away. But just because we know about Magik doesn’t mean we can use it.

Everything said thus far was to establish that Magik is inert and inherent. But just because you are Magik, does not mean you are doing Magik. It doesn’t mean you know how to wield it. This is the sated paradox that actually isn’t much of a paradox at all. For all the avid spiritualists keen to run away into a fantasy world emphasising a freedom that they do not possess, let us be clear on the forefront: when you can actually walk on water, then may you consider yourself a wielder of Magik. At any time, upon your will. Until then, you must be innocuously objective about your state of mind, slashing all discordious delusions that snuggles you into a self-made iridescence that actually does not exist. The first lie that must be dropped, is you calling yourself a Magikian just because you believe in Magik. You may be an empath, your intuition may be acute – but this does not make you a Magikian. Call yourself a believer of Magik, and work to become a Magikian. Otherwise you will waste a tremendous amount of time entertaining lies unbridled from any sense of thoughtfulness. Until you can walk on water, you are no Magikian. And when you can walk on water, take the boat.

~ by revolutionwithin on March 27, 2009.

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