“Look up” Shvetashvatara said, “Do you see the two large birds sitting in the tree?”
“Yes sir, we see them,” the students said.
“Do you see how one of them eats the sweet pippala berry, while the other looks on without eating? You are like these two birds – one part dynamic, the other part silent. These are the two sides to your life. One part of you is active, and another part is a silent witness,” Shvetashvatara said.
“Sir, which bird is Brahman?” one student asked.
“Brahman is both together,” answered Shvetashvatara. “That is why Brahman is called the totality. No one reaches the highest tip of the tree without knowing Brahman.
“If you know only the silent bird, then you enter into darkness. If you know only the active bird, then you enter into a still greater darkness. But when you know both together, then you overcome death and obtain immortality.”

Vedic insight.

~ by revolutionwithin on March 27, 2009.

One Response to “Brahman”

  1. very very fascinating… I wish I had been able to write during these experiences too…

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